- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 23, 2021

President Biden went before the United Nations this week to lecture the world about “dignity.”

“Will we affirm and uphold the human dignity and human rights under which nations in common cause more than seven decades ago, formed this institution?” he wondered, just weeks after Afghan civilians tumbled through the skies from a U.S. military transport plane in the wake of Mr. Biden’s historically disastrous retreat from Afghanistan.

“People have taken to the streets in every region to demand that their governments address peoples’ basic needs, give everyone a fair shot to succeed, and protect their God-given rights,” he lectured, weeks after handing Afghanistan back to Taliban terrorists who beat women for not cooking them meals.

“And in that chorus of voices across languages and continents, we hear a common cry: a cry for dignity — simple dignity. As leaders, it is our duty to answer that call, not silence it,” he said as the Mullahs of virginity tests — his new allies in Afghanistan — begin their rule in earnest.

Mr. Biden talked about all this “dignity” as tens of thousands of men, women and children make treacherous — often deadly — journeys in response to his open border invitation. Under his presidency, America’s entire southern border has been handed over to drug cartels and human smugglers.

“The United States is committing to use — committed to using our resources and our international platform to support these voices, listen to them, partner with them to find ways to respond that advance human dignity around the world,” he said, as more than ten thousand Haitians constructed a massive slum beneath a concrete overpass at the border.

It is hard to say which of Mr. Biden’s new allies is worse: the Taliban terrorists or the rapist coyote human smugglers to whom he has outsourced control of our southern border.

Now he finds himself in hot water after U.S. border patrol agents on horseback tried to keep their oath to the U.S. Constitution by defending the border. Democrats made up lies and said the agents used “whips” on black Haitians — harkening back to slavery in America, they said.

Literally, these people will say anything. And insult the dignity of all of us in the process.

But Mr. Biden, witless as ever, suspended the agents for doing their jobs. And then closed the border — to horses.

So much for dignity.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at the Washington Times.

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