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Remember when Democrats were the party of Pinko Commie Labor Union Bra-Burning Peacenik Abortionists? Ah, the good ole days.

To be sure, it was a strange coalition. Yet they made it work. For a long time.

But now the party is over.

So much attention has been paid to the ferocious civil war inside the Republican Party during the past decade — punctuated by the Hiroshima that was former President Donald Trump’s arrival. Largely ignored during that time were the deep fractures emerging inside the Democrat Party.

While the GOP was being lashed by the Tea Party for not adhering closely enough to basic constitutional principles, Democrats were getting a contact high from former President Barack Obama’s “Choom Gang,” the former president’s dope-smoking pals who hot-boxed their way through high school in a Volkswagen bus back in Hawaii.

It’s always easy to hang with the cool guy and smoke weed on the beach. 

So you drink too much coconut wine and go to bed with Mr. Obama. The problem comes when you wake up and realize you didn’t spend the night with Mr. Obama. You slept with President Biden, who is still snoring next to you. Not only is he not The Big O, but the old geezer has also soiled the sheets.

Worst hangover ever.

The harsh light of day can be brutal — but illuminating.

Over the weekend, Soviet Democrats Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — the only interesting Democrats in the party today — rallied with Amazon workers who had managed to unionize one of their warehouses in New York City against the rapacious corporate titan Jeff Bezos.

What is interesting is that just a few years ago, it was Ms. Ocasio-Cortez who proudly killed the opening of another Amazon facility in New York City that would have created some 40,000 jobs for her constituents. You cannot call yourself “pro-worker” when you destroy the jobs of 40,000 workers.

And yet, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and Mr. Sanders are the very best their party has to offer today.

The giant fissures inside today’s Democrat Party are everywhere now.

The party that once claimed to represent African American voters in large cities has embraced pro-crime prosecutors and campaigned to “defund the police” in big cities. The predictable result is galloping crime and horrifying spikes in murder and assaults of the very voters Democrats pretend to care about.

The party that once claimed to represent “the children” and preened as being “pro-education” has turned into a party of predators who want to push their own sexual fantasies onto third graders. And when Republicans in Florida finally stood up and put a stop to it, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki — literally — burst into tears.

It gets even worse. Democrats don’t want to just groom little children into their sex clubs. They actually want to promote the idea of “transitioning” children from one gender to another.

In other words, Democrats have become the party of genital mutilation. Of pre-pubescent children.

We are talking full-blown Hannibal Lecter stuff here. If Jeffrey Dahmer were still alive he would be the Democrats’ next nominee for president.

The list goes on and on.

The party that once lamented the so-called Republican “war on women” is now hellbent on destroying women’s sports.

The party that once cared about the environment has become the party of pollution. It has fallen to Republican activists such as the great patriot Scott Presler to organize efforts to clean up all the trash and dirty needles left by Democrats in cities across the country.

The party that claims to be anti-war has suddenly become a zealous proponent of the war in Ukraine. Because, you know, Russia. Or something.

No division inside the Democrat Party is more starkly obvious — and destructive — than the party’s embrace of big corporate interests. Remember Occupy Wall Street? Those were Democrat voters articulating Democrat vision.

Today, Big Pharma has no stronger ally in Washington than the Democrat Party, which shamelessly pushes the industry’s mandated products on American citizens. 

And when Disney came under fire in Florida from Republicans for pushing their child sex-predator, genital mutilation campaign on school children, it was Democrat lawmakers who came howling to Disney’s defense and took a stand against stripping the corporate giant of tax breaks.

Mr. Biden likes to tell people he is the only Democrat who could beat Mr. Trump. He is right about that. In fact, that might be the only thing Mr. Biden has ever been right about in his 50-year career in Washington.

But even The Big Guy won’t be able to get it done in 2024.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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