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Once upon a time, sending children to college was a worthy dream because it provided them a leg up on corporate competition, a foundation for independent living, an increased understanding of their place in the world — and of the world — and a host of opportunities that both bred maturity and instilled life skills that otherwise might not have come their way.

Nowadays, parents are better off keeping Johnny in the basement playing video games for another year. Better to rot their minds with gaming than socialist-Marxist-globalist propaganda and COVID-19-tied protocols that teach them solely to fear and obey.

After all, all Johnny’s parents have to do to get him to stop playing video games is pull the plug. How to erase and undo the damage of what’s being taught in today’s colleges and universities, both by way of leftist professors preaching the gospel of Karl Marx and of tyrannical administrators pushing ridiculously restrictive and non-scientific COVID-19-tied clampdowns?

Mark these words: America’s youth will not emerge from today’s places of higher learning unscathed. They will exit college conditioned to hate the country, detest capitalism, believe only in big, bigger, biggest government as the solution of any and all that ails, and even turn their vitriolic passions against parents. 

The worst to come in the coming years is the blind obedience — a class of American citizens taught to respond to the command “jump” with the sole question, “how high?”

From Campus Reform — the latest: Amherst requires all those on campus to either double-mask or wear KN95 masks and, by spring, get the coronavirus vaccine and boosters. Post-shot, masks will still be required. Why? Because Amherst says so, that’s why.

University of North Carolina Wilmington attendees will have to mask indoors, no matter vaccination status. Why? Because UNC Wilmington says so, that’s why.

Georgetown, Yale, Princeton — as College Campus reported, these schools all have similarly strict, similarly unscientific mandates for students that range from masking outdoors — yes, outdoors — to bans on restaurant dining to required testing. Why?

Once again, because the schools say so, that’s why.

Science has long flown the coop.

Fact-based protections have long sailed that ship.

And personal responsibility? Personal accountability? Those once-accepted notions of individuals taking care of their own health needs? 

Not even on the radar of public discussion any longer.

America needs to get back to the time when sick people stayed home and healthy people lived their lives.

Today’s college kids are tomorrow’s leaders. And what they’re being taught, either specifically or implicitly, is to fear — fear people, fear government, fear viruses, fear living.

With leadership like that, America won’t be free. Better to keep the kids at home, send them to trade school, help them start a business, push them into community college — even let them play video games! — than to lead the nation to such a dark fate. Better to keep them undereducated so they don’t lose their ability to think.

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