- - Wednesday, July 27, 2022

In an emotionally-driven society on a hairpin trigger, the GOP could really benefit from the superpower most women are hard-wired with: emotional intelligence. 

The “left” has mastered the message: “We care and ‘they’ don’t.” 

Their policies certainly don’t embody it, but their deceptive branding penetrated deeply enough to get them here. 

The GOP can’t win this emotional battle with logic and stats. We’re perceived by so many independents and moderates as aggressive and insensitive, which turns them off. The good news is that they’re equally as turned off by the wrecking ball the Democrats have taken to our country.

These wavering voters are ripe for the picking if the GOP will learn to fight smart, overhaul our approach and mobilize better messengers … the moms!

Yes, the pendulum will swing back right in a few months with the coming red tsunami, but when things settle down, it will inevitably swing left again. Though people are running away in droves from the Democrat Party right now, that doesn’t mean they’re running “to” conservative values. 

They just want the pain to stop, but when it does, they’ll forget and once again fall prey to deceptive messaging unless we strike now while the iron is hot. We may not get this opportunity again for decades!

Radicals are unreachable, but the majority of these wavering voters who are still sobering up from the deception will listen if we will simply earn permission to be heard. 

The GOP has an extremely motivated and highly qualified army at their disposal this election season in everyday moms. Their fear and outrage can be channeled in a very productive way to turn those seasonal negative voters into dependable conservative voters.  

The first step is some internal housekeeping. As good as our message may be, nobody will take us seriously enough to listen to it if they see us as hypocritical, uncompassionate or aggressive. We have to make sure we’re not giving them ammo, repelling them and defeating our chance to influence. 

Next, we’ve got to be willing to curiously entertain their view of the world and get out of our own echo chamber. Only when common ground is uncovered will we have a chance to build a relationship, gain trust and win a receptive audience. We aren’t at any risk of having our own worldview shaken when we are rooted in truth. But we could learn something new or realize we all have blind spots, invoking some refreshing empathy for both people in the conversation. 

Lastly, we become patient gardeners, planting powerful seeds in the form of masterfully crafted, lingering questions. These questions aren’t meant to be answered at the moment, but they are more like mic-drop questions that stop someone in their tracks and linger in their minds long after the conversation has ended. They preserve dignity for the next encounter, making it safe to continue the conversation.

True transformation takes place on the inside, so we become a modern-day Yoda, guiding people towards their own “aha moment.” It’s the only sustainable solution. 

Let’s tap into the superpowers of women to influence like never before for the sake of our children and grandchildren. We have a parental duty to pass down freedom to the next generation. They’re counting on us!

• Diane Canada is a faith-based political speaker.

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