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A new poll from the Convention of States Action and Trafalgar Group finds that most Americans think President Biden and his family have too many conflicts of interest in Ukraine — and by logical extension, that he may not be the most effective leader for America to deal with this growing humanitarian crisis.

Ukraine? How about China? Better yet, how about Russia?

Honestly, with or without this Russia-Ukraine war, it’s been difficult for Americans to know which team Biden plays for anyway. For more than a year, he’s done everything — and then some — by way of policy to tear down the capitalistic, sovereign, constitutional and free foundations of America, while simultaneously buoying those of the internationalist, globalist types.

This poll finding is just the latest in a long list of indicators that Biden doesn’t bat for America so much as — well, anywhere but America.

By the numbers: More than 56% of Americans believe Biden, with all his family business ties to Ukraine, has a conflict of interest. And it’s not just Republicans who think that. More than 64% of independents agree — and so do more than 25% of Democrats.

“This is not a partisan issue,” said Convention of States President Mark Meckler, in a written statement. “It’s a simple fact based on Hunter Biden’s seemingly corrupt dealings in Ukraine.”

What corrupt dealings, you ask?

The ones that lead to headlines like this, from The Guardian, in late February: “Stealth Hunter: Biden’s tangled business dealings are becoming hard to ignore.”

The ones that lead to coverage like this, from the BBC, way back in April of 2021: “Hunter Biden: What was he doing in China and Ukraine?”

The story went on to report how during campaign season, The New York Post reported on “an alleged email in which an adviser from a Ukrainian energy company, Burma, apparently thanked Hunter for inviting him to meet his father, Joe.”

This is the same New York Post, BBC wrote, that also cited a “purported email from Hunter Biden in August 2017 indicating he was receiving a $10m annual fee from a Chinese billionaire for ‘introductions alone’ ” — with the lingering question of “whom” leaving an uncomfortable ache in the gut.

Team Biden quickly tamped down accusations of corruption and conflicted interests.

But the questions persisted. Suspicions persist. Laptop, laptop. Who’s got the laptop?

In fact, just a few days ago, White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki was forced to address alleged conflicts of interest between Biden — between the Biden family — and Russia and China.

“Psaki claims WH has ‘no confirmation’ Hunter Biden got $3.5M from Russia, still won’t say if he divested from China,” The Post blared in a March 18 headline.

The White House may deny.

The president himself may scoff.

But the American people, according to at least one recent poll, aren’t fooled.

With this White House, with this administration, it’s becoming harder and harder to gauge just where the president’s interests lie — and in what order he prioritizes America, American citizens and America’s Constitution.

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