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Anyone who watched President Biden’s attempt to escape any responsibility for once-in-a-generation inflation may have been surprised when he kept talking about Republicans. After all, Mr. Biden’s party has held the White House and Congress ever since he was sworn in, so why even attempt cheap deflection?

Bad times, like the ones we are living through now, have a way of separating the politicians from the leaders. One focuses on escaping blame while the other zeroes in on results.

Make no mistake, Mr. Biden is a politician. Since the calendar changed to 2022, every proposed “solution” carries the singular focus of trying to appease Americans just enough to avoid punishment at the ballot box in November.

In his State of the Union speech in March, Mr. Biden proudly declared, “My top priority is getting prices under control.” Then a few weeks later, he announced the biggest-ever drain of our nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, promising a “historic amount of supply” to help gas prices. The result? The price of gas skyrocketed to record highs less than two months later.

After restricting domestic supply everywhere else, it was the political equivalent of dressing a gaping wound with a tiny Band-Aid.

Then in April, the Biden administration looked to import more oil from Canada. Keep in mind, that they didn’t want to greenlight any pipelines, and definitely not restart the Keystone project they canceled. Instead, they asked for truckers and trains to deliver Canadian oil. The message is clear: The administration only wants delivery methods that can easily be canceled after November and no permeant infrastructure will be tolerated.

Next, the president reversed his previous decision by supposedly reopening a portion of federal lands to oil and natural gas development. Sounds good on its face, but it came with a catch. The announcement applied only to 20% of available land. Then his administration immediately moved to shut down about 7 million acres from development in Alaska.

Then, just as the price for gas set a record high, for the third day in a row, the Biden administration shut down another million acres because apparently, his first shut down wasn’t big enough.

If you’re sensing a pattern, you’re not alone.

Mr. Biden is using nothing more than talking point platitudes to address our nation’s problems. Every proposed “solution” to the energy and inflation crisis he’s created can be undone immediately after the election. All he needs out of his proposals is the ability to feign an answer to the daily question, “what are you doing to help Americans?” Mr. Biden doesn’t care that your family is struggling, he’s more concerned about escaping a press conference in one piece.

His refusal to take steps toward restoring American energy security lies in his political base. Mr. Biden was supported and bankrolled by the green movement that wants to force America toward a green transition. They want to send us down the path of Europe, which finds itself at the mercy of Russian President Vladimir Putin after moving away from its own domestic production.

After all the broken promises, Mr. Biden’s base is dispirited enough. He cannot afford green voters staying home in November, too.

All of this points to one inescapable truth, Mr. Biden is focused only on Election Day in November. The only result he wants to see is an improvement in his cratering poll numbers, not in your family’s struggling budget.

Mr. Biden has created an economic disaster that will require real leadership to fix. Unfortunately, all we have is a politician president.

• Larry Behrens is the communications director for Power The Future, a nonprofit that advocates for America’s energy workers. You can find him on Twitter @larrybehrens or you can email him: larry@powerthefuture.com

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