President Biden was recently caught on video saying, “No one f—-s with a Biden” (‘No one f—-s with a Biden,’ president boasts on hot mic,” Web Oct. 5). He sounded like a New York mobster heading a protection racket. Just add it to the family’s now-proven influence peddling and financial and access schemes with regard to China, Ukraine and Russia.  

But of course, Biden‘s buddy and attorney general, Merrick Garland, will never investigate these more serious charges. Instead, he will  focus on a wrist slap of Hunter Biden relating to an alleged a weapon registration and tax violation. And in that, you can be sure a very favorable plea deal will be made in the younger Mr. Biden‘s favor. 

In any event, had former President Donald Trump been caught on tape dropping an F-bomb, the sanctimoniously hypocritical, Marxist 
mainstream media would be frothing at the mouth to spread the word. What else would be new, though, given their 6-year-long attack on Mr. Trump and his family?
In the meantime, Biden‘s despicable potty mouth, which disgraces the institution of the presidency itself, and his corrupt, crooked family’s sale of the U.S. to foreign political and financial interests, remain unchallenged by the socialist media.     


Terre Haute, Indiana

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