Lame duck Liz Cheney may soon have a difficult choice to make (“Rep. Liz Cheney will quit GOP if Donald Trump is the 2024 presidential nominee,” Web, Sept. 26).

What if the next Congress, under GOP control, finds smoking-gun proof that the 2020 election was a coup d’etat? Never Trumpers couldn’t do better than to support restoring Trump for the remaining two years of his rightful second term. He could not then run in 2024, having been elected twice. Haters would only have to put up with him for two more years.

On the other hand, they obviously fear that he will be unbeatable if he runs. So if they’re frustrated confirming his reelection, come 2024 they would have him for four more years, instead of being rid of him after two.

I love it. Hobson’s choice, move over for Cheney‘s choice.


Irvington, Virginia

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