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Tony Blair, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, and William Hague, a member and former leader of the British Conservative Party and former leader of the Opposition Party, have cast aside their political differences — their liberal versus conservative warring views — and partnered in a quest to roll out digital identification cards for all. 

Here comes the next step in the globalist Great Reset vision for elites to conquer the nations and rule the citizens of the world.

Really, for Christians and believers, anyway, here comes the next step for the end-of-times ushering-in of the beasts of the Book of Revelation. This is the part in the Bible where all in the world are united under one government, one monetary system, one religion, leading to one massive worldwide chaotic system, but hey now, ho now, then comes the guy with the solution to bring peace — only it’s the evil one, in all his deceitful glory. 

Digital currency; technological trackers; digitized surveillance — it’s all part of the grand scheme of globalism, which is to say it’s all part of the grander scheme in the battle of principalities. Can you say signs of wickedness?

“Sir Tony Blair and Lord Hague have joined forces to urge the government to roll out ‘digital ID’ as part of a ‘fundamental reshaping of the state around technology,’” Sky News reported.

The media outlet went on: “Their plan would involve a new ID incorporating details such as a passport, driving license, tax records, qualifications and right-to-work status which could be stored on a mobile phone.”

Stored and tracked.

Stored and surveilled.

Stored and controlled — by government.

Goodbye liberty. Hello subjugation.

For an example of how technology can be used as a “fundamental reshaping of the state,” as the pair put it, one need only look to China. There, citizens are treated to nonstop digital tracking via cameras on every street corner that scoops up data, feeds it to the communist government and alerts to any citizen movements deemed by the CCP overlords as unwarranted, unacceptable, inappropriate. The collected data is then used to fine-tune and develop even more intrusive digital trackers and surveillance systems. 

Check out the book “Surveillance State: Inside China’s Quest to Launch a New Era of Social Control,” by Josh Chin and Liza Lin. As NPR wrote of the authors’ findings, “[A]uthorities [in China] utilize a sophisticated national database linking identification documents, facial recognition data, fingerprints and travel history. … A second, more powerful layer of scrutiny is China’s vast network of CCTV cameras, whose footage is analyzed in real time by artificial intelligence software … Unconstrained by China’s weak legal system and a nascent digital privacy code, China’s tech giants and security apparatus are able to track phones, monitor online purchases and decrypt messages.”

Then there’s China’s social credit system that ranks citizens and punishes those who don’t play along with communist rules.

As Business Insider wrote, in China, “people can be punished if they drive badly, buy too many video games or steal.”

The Great Resetters would like to add to that list polluters — those who use too much heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer — frequent fliers and diesel truck drivers — anyone who fails to buy an electric car — and most recently, homeowners who have gas stoves. Climate change is the ultimate tool of control because bureaucrats can tie everything and anything to an environment.

And lookie here — this headline from the World Economic Forum from May, 2022: “Digital solutions can reduce global emissions by up to 20%.” Yes. Pressure companies to adopt Environmental, Social, Governance goals. Then demand these companies show compliance with the ESG goals. And what better way to bring about these standards than with new technology that limits production, as it tracks, surveils and reports emission levels.

Going digital is a despot’s ultimate dream.

Don’t want to take that new vaccine? Don’t leave your home until the government gives the OK. Don’t want to turn your thermostat down in winter? That’s OK; the government can turn it down for you, remotely, using a digitized system. Don’t want to give up parental authority and allow your son’s middle-school teacher to convince him he’s really a girl? That’s fine — but the school’s sovereign artificial intelligence tutor may just report you to the government authorities, who will investigate the situation as a hate crime or potential act of violence.

Sound crazy?

Too science fiction to be real?

“Former Prime Minister Sir Tony Blair and AI stakeholders have argued a case for implementation of ‘sovereign AI’ for public service operations,” to include “tools” “used by policymakers as writing assistants” and “as virtual tutors in schools,” Information Age reported.

And so it begins.

America is different from China, is different from Britain, is different from all other nations on earth, mostly because America has a Constitution where individual rights are guaranteed — and where collectivism, Big Government tyranny and communism are supposedly not allowed. But America 2023 is hardly the America founders envisioned. God-given rights have gone secular and now more Americans have become conditioned to believe that it’s the government who grants liberties; it’s the government who doles out privileges and authorities; it’s the government who’s in charge and the citizens are the subjects. Therein lies the danger.

Therein lies the opportunity for globalists to bring their collectivist ideals into America. 

Who’s to stop them — the China-loving President Joe Biden?

Digital ID cards, artificial intelligence run amok, technology that tracks and surveils and controls — these  are all marks of the end times when beastly bureaucrats, working with the beasts of the Bible, will make their moves for total control. That liberals are working with conservatives to introduce these marks into modern living should serve a good warning for the wary: Politics won’t save. Politicians aren’t saviors.

Take note of the times and turn to God. It’s the only move that makes sense.

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