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Inside the Ring

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Chinese military vehicles carrying DF-17 ballistic missiles rolled through Beijing on Tuesday in a parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Communist Party power. (Associated Press)

China's new hypersonic missile

China's large-scale military parade this week featured an array of high-technology arms, but the most significant reveal was a hypersonic missile called the DF-17.

The DR-8 drone, covered in a camouflage tarp on a flatbed truck, was seen for the first time in photographs published on Chinese social media. (Associated Press/File)

China reveals new supersonic drone

China's military is rapidly developing unmanned aircraft and recently disclosed one of its newest systems: a supersonic reconnaissance drone designed to defeat air and missile defenses.

When U.S. and Chinese officials met last month in Beijing, the talks hit an impasse with Beijing officials digging in their heels in refusing to acknowledge past illicit activities. (Associated Press)

Future China trade deal uncertain

- The Washington Times

The Trump administration is holding fast in its confrontation with China over Beijing's illicit trade practices and other nefarious activities.

Chinese Communist Party guidelines dated June 12 "forbid any positive reports on the Hong Kong people's appeals for democracy and freedom." (Associated Press/File)

China's secret propaganda rules revealed

The ruling Communist Party of China issued internal guidelines recently mandating that state-run propaganda outlets avoid any positive reports on the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Medical staff and protesters carry an injured man as they face off with police near the Shum Shui Po police station in Hong Kong on Wednesday. Police fired tear gas at the protesters. Meanwhile, five people were arrested over violence at the airport. (Associated Press)

Chinese military preparing crackdown

U.S. intelligence agencies are closely watching Chinese troop movements in Shenzhen near Hong Kong where several hundred thousand People's Liberation Army and People's Armed Police troops are massing along with armored vehicles.

Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Republican, said Huawei is linked to Chinese intelligence-gathering operations and is required to turn over information it collects. (Associated Press/File)

Rubio on Huawei

Sen. Marco Rubio is confident that Congress will codify in law Trump administration restrictions imposed on China's telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies, a company the Florida Republican says poses a national security threat to the United States.

Former State Department official Susan Thornton was among the more prominent signers of a letter to President Trump calling for a return to the appeasement-oriented policies toward China. (Associated Press/File)

Countering pro-China experts' letter

The Trump administration is pushing back against a group of former officials and China experts, including former State Department official Susan Thornton, for an open letter criticizing the administration's tougher U.S. policy toward China.

Kiron Skinner, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's director of policy and planning, came under fire in April for remarks she made about China. (Associated Press)

State Department: No civilization clash with China

- The Washington Times

The State Department is pushing back against a Chinese disinformation campaign that has sought to portray the Trump administration's new tougher policy toward Beijing as a racist iteration of the outdated, post-Cold War "clash of civilizations" theory.

A cybersecurity study of Huawei equipment found that 55% of the Chinese company's hardware devices tested contained at least one backdoor access point. (Associated Press/File)

Huawei's secret back doors

An investigation of the telecommunications equipment produced by China's Huawei Technologies Ltd. has uncovered numerous cases of secret access points that could allow Chinese intelligence to conduct cyberoperations through the equipment.

Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper is set to take over as the acting secretary of defense for the Trump administration on Sunday. He will replace acting Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan. (Associated Press)

Trump administration gets third defense chief

- The Washington Times

Army Secretary Mark T. Esper takes over on Sunday as the Trump administration's acting secretary of defense — the third defense chief for the administration and its first Republican.

The Philadelphia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has pressured the U.S. Army War College into postponing a speech by an expert on the historical roots of Islamic terrorism. (Associated Press)

War College cancels speaker on Islam

A Muslim activist group has pressured the U.S. Army War College into postponing a speech by Ray Ibrahim, an expert on the historical roots of Islamic terrorism, after the group falsely labeled him as a racist and "Islamophobe," he said.

A 2012 discussion in which President Obama told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he was facing his "last election" and as a result would have "more flexibility" once reelected is explained in "From Cold War to Hot Peace," a book by Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia. (Associated Press/File)

Obama and Russian collusion

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul provided new clues recently about a controversial open-mic comment in 2012 by President Obama, widely viewed as secret collusion to limit U.S. missile defenses.

New START extension in doubt

Senior Trump administration officials told Congress recently that the United States is reviewing whether to seek an extension of the 2010 New START strategic weapons treaty amid concerns about Russian treaty violations and China's growing nuclear arsenal.