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Emily Miller

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MILLER: Newtown anniversary used by Obama and Bloomberg for politics

- The Washington Times

Saturday marks the first anniversary of one of the saddest days in American history. While the families of the victims and the Newtown, Conn., community have asked the media to stay away during the memorial, gun-control activists are shamelessly using Dec. 14 to push their own agenda.

MILLER: Obamacare disaster gets three-week PR blitz by White House

- The Washington Times

President Obama launched a marketing blitz this week in an attempt to get back some public support for his health care law and salvage his legacy. The problem with his plan is that Americans’ overwhelming dislike of Obamacare stems from finally finding out how big of a disaster it is for their families. No fancy public relations campaign can change reality.

MILLER: Chuck Schumer’s scam with 3D plastic guns

- The Washington Times

Just before the Senate recessed last Thursday for two weeks, Sen. Chuck Schumer abruptly called for unanimous consent for a one-year extension to the Undetectable Firearms Act. The scam was to have the bill expire again during the Senate’s lame duck session in 2014.

MILLER: Ted Cruz targeted by Politifact over gun crime facts cited to Jay Leno

- The Washington Times

Left-leaning Politifact twisted itself in knots to declare Sen. Ted Cruz’s data on gun prosecutions declining under President Obama as “mostly false.” In fact, the Republican senator correctly stated on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Nov. 8 that “Under President Bush, prosecution of gun crimes was 30 percent higher than it is under President Obama.