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Emily Miller

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MILLER: Bloomberg, Obama and liberal media muzzled about gun crime decline

- The Washington Times

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has not made a peep about gun control since news came out that firearms-related deaths were way down. President Obama has ignored it and continued to pursue more gun-control laws. Their reaction shows how this news screws up their agenda to keep the decline in gun-related homicides a secret from Americans so that they can pass restrictions on the Second Amendment.

MILLER: Coburn targets feds' ammunition buys and Fast & Furious fiasco

- The Washington Times

While President Obama keeps pounding away to get votes to pass gun restrictions in the Senate, pro-Second Amendment supporters are pushing the upper chamber in the opposite direction. Sen. Tom Coburn introduced two amendments to strengthen the rights of gun owners and keep the federal government in check.

MILLER: Rick Perry brings the big guns to Texas

- The Washington Times

As firearms manufacturers are run out of states where gun-grabbing governors are pushing through radical new laws, Gov. Rick Perry is all too happy to welcome them to the great state of Texas. The boom in new jobs and economic impact of a thriving industry in the Lone Star State shows how gun-control laws don’t make anyone safer yet hurt states’ economies.

MILLER: Rick Perry says Obama wants to 'disarm the American public'

- The Washington Times

Gov. Rick Perry sat back in shock when I told him President Obama declared to Mexicans that an upside of his efforts to infringe upon the Second Amendment would be to make them safer. “The idea that a United States president would go to Mexico and make that statement is incredulous,” the 2012 president candidate told me in an interview after his rousing speech at the NRA annual meeting in Houston Friday.

MILLER: Meet new NRA president Jim Porter

- The Washington Times

For the first time in over 20 years, gun control is at the top of the national political agenda. So a change in leadership at the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) can affect the political dynamic. On Monday, Alabama attorney James “Jim” W. Porter II is set to take over as president of the board from David Keene. The NRA annual meeting in Houston, which starts Thursday, will mark the end of Mr. Keene’s two-year term.

MILLER: Baby killers are having a good week

- The Washington Times

Unborn and newborn babies aren’t getting much support from the White House this week. President Obama continues to refuse to weigh in on the case of alleged serial killer abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell. Instead, he agreed to give the keynote address at Planned Parenthood’s annual gala dinner on Thursday night.

MILLER: Half-cocked gun poll more Americans unhappy with Senate vote

- The Washington Times

Gun owners often scratch their heads over national polls on gun control issues because the responses are so radically different from their own views and those of their friends and family. On Wednesday, Pew Research and the Washington Post released a poll showing that more Americans have more negative than positive feelings about the Senate’s inability to pass gun-control measures.

MILLER: Senate background checks bill misfires, hits law-abiding gun owners

- The Washington Times

The background checks “compromise” in the Senate will not reduce crime or prevent mass shootings, but merely appeases President Obama while abridging Second Amendment rights. In advance of the expected Wednesday afternoon vote, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been scrambling to find 60 votes for expanding background checks beyond federally-licensed dealers.