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Nuclear Option

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America last: Biden's back-foot diplomacy

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In a city of 10 million people, just 15 miles from the North Korean border -- bristling with nuclear warheads -- international diplomacy is not some kind of State Department parlor game.

Trump: The joyful gambler

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During the 2020 election, the Swamp used every weapon under God to blast then-President Donald Trump out of the White House.

Telephone game in the 'Age of Trump'

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If you want to know why former President Donald Trump and so many of his supporters don't trust assurances from government Democrats that the 2020 election was on the level, just ask Cassidy Hutchinson.

Divine intervention of Donald Trump

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Constitutionally speaking, the most amazing thing about Friday's blockbuster Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is that anyone found it controversial in the first place.