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Nuclear Option

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Biden's 'America last' agenda

- The Washington Times

Twenty years after 9/11, a plague from China rampages across our homeland. To date, COVID-19 has killed over 230 times more Americans than did those terrorist attacks.

Biden blames Trump for exposing his career of carnage

- The Washington Times

Joe Biden's 50-year career in Washington will forever be remembered for the images of a U.S. transport plane rumbling down the runway in Kabul as hopeless Afghan citizens cling to the landing gear. It takes decades of death and false promises to whip up that level of desperation.

The real reason YouTube silenced Rand Paul

- The Washington Times

There is always the risk of taking fools and liars more seriously than they deserve. But then again Google-owned YouTube deserves every shred of scorn and ridicule we can still muster in these crazy, exhausting times.

'Cuomosexual' State of Mind

- The Washington Times

Somebody needs to check the water lines going into the New York governor's mansion in Albany. Those pipes are apparently leaching Viagra, testosterone and horny goat weed into the drinking supply.