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Free Iran

"Free Iran" is a Special Report prepared by The Washington Times Special Sections Department.

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'A brave woman' will be the face of a liberated Iran

We are now, I believe, very realistic in being able to see an end of the regime in Iran... We've lived through this before in other oppressed countries — when the people take to the streets, and they protest day after day like they've done in over 142 cities in Iran, like they did the other day in Tehran ... when that happens, then freedom is right around the corner.

'You are the source of change in Iran'

Are you ready for regime change in Iran? [applause] Are you ready for Madame Rajavi as president of Iran? (crowd chanting YES, YES, YES) Are you ready for the dictatorship to end?

No stopping until Iran is 'peaceful and free'

We have heard — and we will hear — that, finally, the stars seem to be aligned to accomplish what we all want to accomplish, which is the downfall of the mullahs' regime ...We hear that the economic rot in Tehran and the political rot in Tehran finally matches the moral rot that has always been at the core of the mullahs' regime.

International courts await Iran's criminals, oppressors

It's a warm day in Paris, it's a hotter day in Iran. But do you feel the winds of change blowing over Iran? And you, you are the people, your brothers and sisters in Albania and your brothers and sisters in Iran, who are blowing that wind with an ever-increasing force. When I was growing up, there was a song by Bob Dylan, and it said you don't have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing. Well, we don't have to be weathermen to know that the winds — the force of change — is not only irrevocable in Iran but it is blowing with increasing force to a logical conclusion.

Coming soon: 80 million 'free Iranians'

Following Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich, let us make this fundamentally clear — on behalf of myself, Bill Richardson, and Patrick Kennedy, who has been delayed here today, we stand here as Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives. We may have our differences, but listening to my voice in Tehran, make no mistake — every one of us stands behind Donald Trump in seeing the destruction of the mullahs to the end!

'Yours is a noble cause'

Good afternoon, Salam, Dorood. I am pleased to have the opportunity to address the organization of Iranian American communities of the United States.

Claims of future chaos 'not true at all'

Don't believe that there is any difference between the European people and the expression of the American people and the Canadian people.

'You have many friends' who want a new Iran

Thank you for your long battle for a free and democratic Iran. For 10 years, the government I led chose a course in foreign policy guided by freedom, democracy and justice, human rights, human equality, and human dignity. The same values that someday soon will be embraced in Tehran.

'We must not ignore the people of Iran'

Madame Rajavi, friends, it's a great honor and a great privilege to once again join and to stand in solidarity with all of you and with the people of Iran.

'Your cause resonates far beyond' your borders

This is the day that we celebrate and reaffirm our common resolve. It is the annual celebration of the end of the horror that kept so many of your brothers and sisters in captivity in Camps Ashraf and Liberty.... I'm proud that, through many United Nations efforts, I was part of that long-lasting effort to let justice prevail. And I thank Albania for setting an example that should make many other European countries blush.

We Brits want 'same freedoms' for you

Madame Rajavi, ladies and gentlemen, it is a huge privilege for the British delegation to take part in this rally to free Iran.

NCRI's 10-point plan achievable

Earlier this year, we saw in Iran what I thought was a glimmer of hope as thousands of people rose up against the regime.

U.N. should hold Iran accountable

I join my colleagues from all the other parties in Parliament who are represented here today to stand in solidarity with you and the brave people of Iran who have risen up against the ayatollahs and their murderous, authoritarian regime.

Iranian women are standing bravely

I'm proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder with so many other elected representatives from around the world who have gathered here to show support for the Iranian people and their struggle for justice and for freedom.

'We are with you in every step'

Since last December 28th, we are witnessing how Maryam Rajavi has been delivering what she promised.

'Our choice is to help you'

We in Albania don't speak your language. But I hope that we understand very well each other from another language, the language of the heart.

'We remember your heroes'

Invincible people of Free Iran, I really salute you. I salute your great leader, Maryam Rajavi.

'We are the countless'

The reality is that the face-off between the Iranian people and the ruling regime has entered a new phase following the January 2018 nationwide uprising.

Oppressors will never be welcomed

In the view of the Iranian Kurdistan's Khebat Organization, the National Council of Resistance of Iran is the organized and democratic alternative to the regime, and no one else can play that role.

'We assure you we will work together'

It is an honor for us to be with you in these historic days and to convey to you the greetings of His Excellency President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the Yemeni people.

President Donald Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn arrives at federal court in Washington, Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

In -- and out -- like Michael Flynn

- The Washington Times

Our judicial and executive branches are making us look more like a half-peeled banana republic. What else can you conclude when a federal judge hurls the accusation of treason at Michael Flynn, the former director of America's super-secret, super-important Defense Intelligence Agency?