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Morocco 2020

"Morocco 2020" is a Special Report by Mercury Global Reports.

Recent Stories

U.S. Ambassador to Morocco, Mr. David Fischer

American investment in Morocco continues to flourish

"The relationship between the United States and Morocco is the strongest it has ever been, and we are making it stronger every day" said Mr. David Fischer, the United States' Ambassador to Morocco.

Mr. Hicham Boudraa, Acting CEO of AMDIE

The kingdom holds the key to African expansion

The kingdom of Morocco offers numerous advantages to foreign investors and companies eyeing expansion in Africa, the Middle East as well as Europe.

Mr. Mohamed Benamour, CEO of Benson Shoes

Moroccan quality, English style, Global brand

Handcrafted, English-style, luxury business shoes. This is what defines the Moroccan-based Benson Shoes, an experience that started in 1963 and has since grown to 70 people and has evolved into a major niche business-shoe designer exporting all over the globe.

Ms. Salima Bakouchi, Partner at HB Law Firm and Mr. Kamal Habachi, Executive Partner of HB Law Firm

The experts of the Moroccan market

HB Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in Morocco and has significant experience in Business Law in the local market, mixed with perfect knowledge in commercial litigation & disputes resolution.

Mr. Rachid Hilmi, Managing Partner of Hilmi Law Firm

Hilmi Law Firm invites more US companies to Morocco

"Morocco is viewed as safe and well-located destination to set-up African bases and is also seen as one of the most attractive countries in Africa" said Mr Rachid Hilmi, Managing Partner of Hilmi Law Firm.