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** FILE ** In this July 22, 2006, file photo, Keith Olbermann, host of the MSNBC show, "Countdown With Keith Olbermann," talks about his show at the Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon, file)

SHEFFIELD: Olbermann ethics fiasco

MSNBC's publicity stunt over the weekend is a puzzling blunder, a wasted opportunity to bring ideological balance and openness to an overwhelmingly left-tilting industry masquerading as an objective one. Published November 9, 2010

Illustration: Spitzer CNN by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

SHEFFIELD: CNN puts the moves on cable TV

This just in: Normally reputable CNN has succumbed to ratings pressures and will join the ranks of sensationalistic media outlets that will do anything for attention. Published June 28, 2010

SHEFFIELD: Sampling the Tea Party

The recent Boston Tea Party event headlined by megastar Sarah Palin illustrated the classic problem for Republicans seeking to tap the movement's enthusiasm without embracing its more radical elements. Published May 3, 2010

SHEFFIELD: The Clinton curse

This week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will headline soirees for today's International Women's Day, a time set aside to honor brave women from around the world. Aside from the fact that the affair has Soviet roots and migrated to the United States via the Socialist Party of America, it's laudable to acknowledge women struggling for progress in all corners of the globe. Former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice celebrated the occasion as well. Published March 5, 2010

SHEFFIELD: Matchmaking the RINOs and Tea Partiers

Girding for their midterm election battles, Tea Party activists would be smart not to be doctrinaire about who gets their backing. In plenty of America's purple and blue states, pragmatic conservatives have a greater chance of winning than pie-in-the sky ideologues. And it is winning in these elections that could turn a major defeat for Democrats in November's elections into the rout that returns both the House and the Senate to Republican hands. Published February 11, 2010

Spitzer declines to blame politics for downfall

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York who resigned after admitting to patronizing prostitutes, told a crowd at Harvard University that his actions were wrong and that any revenge motives on the part of investigators who uncovered the scandal are immaterial. Published November 13, 2009

Thousands bid Kennedy farewell

BOSTON -- Admirers of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy thronged the streets of his hometown Saturday, ignoring a pelting rain to bid farewell to the man who had risen from a troubled past to become the undisputed champion of the American liberal movement. Published August 30, 2009

Obama loses trust of Israel backers

JERUSALEM -- President Obama's harsh criticism of West Bank settlements during his heavily publicized June speech to the Arab world in Cairo continues to reverberate here, undercutting his popularity and heightening tensions with some pro-Israel advocates in the United States. Published August 18, 2009

Tiny nation, global clout

DOHA -- An oil-rich nation in the Persian Gulf, Qatar continues leveraging its vast natural resources and media empire to gain regional clout that far outweighs its tiny size. Published June 24, 2009

Unions’ concessions buy time for Boston Globe

BOSTON -- Negotiators for the New York Times Co. and the Boston Globe have reached a temporary detente in the battle over the Boston newspaper's future as a result of concessions offered by six of the seven Globe unions. Published May 5, 2009

Reconciling the Ivies and the military

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Ivy Leaguers and the military have begun a drive to put ROTC back on campus at Harvard, Yale and Columbia as they try to heal the lingering wounds caused by the antiwar protests of the 1960s that led to the corps' banishment there. Published April 20, 2009

North-South Korea complex hurt by hostilities

SEOUL | Managers of the Kaesong industrial park, a joint venture just north of the heavily armed border separating North and South Korea, are struggling with its mission to promote peace through economic development. Published April 9, 2009

Hopes for a reunified Korea still alive

SEOUL -- The growing unease over North Korea's hostility toward the outside world and its defiance of the United Nations with plans to launch a rocket next week has not deterred South Korea's willingness to negotiate with its communist foe. Published April 2, 2009

Harvard’s link to Washington

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- President Obama has plucked at least a dozen professors from Harvard University for his administration, tapping a resource on which presidents with wide-ranging ideologies have relied heavily for nearly a century. Published March 10, 2009

Hong Kong expands as global hub

A constantly expanding free-trade agreement between Hong Kong and mainland China has increased Hong Kong's role as a major springboard for hundreds of American companies into the Chinese market. Published January 5, 2009

Harvard cram session for House freshmen

Twenty-seven-year old Aaron Schock is a bit of an anomaly among his fellow incoming freshman members of the House of Representatives. As the soon-to-be youngest member of that body, he looks fresh-faced and boyish compared to his more wizened colleagues. Published December 9, 2008

Carter says Bill Clinton ‘hurt’ Hillary’s campaign

Taking a rare shot at his fellow White House alumnus, former President Jimmy Carter told The Washington Times that Bill Clinton became an unwittingly divisive figure during the Democratic primaries, damaging his wife Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's chances to win the presidency with a series of verbal gaffes. Published August 29, 2008