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Desikan Thirunarayanapuram

Desikan Thirunarayanapuram

Desikan Thirunarayanapuram is a continuous news reporter at He was previously assistant foreign editor at the newspaper's foreign desk, where he also wrote about South Asia.

He previously worked at the Times of India, India's largest English-language daily, and at the Indian Express. He has a master's degree in journalism from American University and a bachelor's degree in business from Madras Christian College.



Articles by Desikan Thirunarayanapuram

In this photo taken Nov. 11, 2009, Nora Shourd, mother of Sarah Shourd, is photographed in Berkeley, Calif. Iran said Thursday it will free Sarah Shourd, one of three Americans jailed for more than 13 months, as an act of clemency to mark the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Iran to free detained American woman

Iran will free an American woman jailed there for more than 13 month "very soon," an Iranian diplomat at the United Nations told The Washington Times Thursday. Published September 9, 2010

Hayworth: McCain flip-flops on immigrants

UPDATED: The current debate in Arizona over illegal immigration, fueled by a new law that will make it a crime to be an illegal immigrant in the state, will propel the drive to unseat long-time senator and former presidential candidate John McCain, his Republican primary challenger predicted on Monday. Published April 26, 2010

Ehrlich foresees Obamacare standoff

Former Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. expects to have a standoff with the state's attorney general over President Obama's new health care law if he gets elected again this year. Published April 15, 2010

Coleman says no to GOP chairmanship

Norm Coleman, the former Republican senator from Minnesota who lost his 2008 re-election bid by 315 votes, said Wednesday he is not interested in replacing the beleaguered Michael S. Steele as the chairman of the Republican National Committee. Published April 14, 2010

Reagan aide warns Obama on arms

Richard V. "Dick" Allen, who as national security adviser to the president in the early 1980s helped Ronald Reagan finalize landmark arms control agreements with the Soviet Union that eventually triggered the end of the Cold War, has some advice for President Obama on his efforts this month to arrest the spread of nuclear weapons. Published April 12, 2010

Mukasey supports decision to kill cleric in Yemen

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Friday supported the decision to authorize the assassination of cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who is considered to be a leader of al Qaeda operations in Yemen. Published April 9, 2010

Webb frees U.S. prisoner in Myanmar

Virginia Sen. Jim Webb on Saturday became the first U.S. official to meet with the reclusive military ruler of Myanmar and won the release of an American man sentenced to seven years of hard labor in the country. Published August 16, 2009

Taliban video shows captured U.S. soldier

UPDATED: A U.S. soldier who was captured by Taliban militants in Afghanistan earlier this month appeared on a video posted Saturday on a Web site. Published July 19, 2009

N.K.: Searching ships would be 'act of war'

North Korea responded Saturday to the latest economic and military sanctions from the U.N. Security Council with a threat to start enriching uranium and attack any country that stops its ships for inspection for military supplies. Published June 14, 2009

Iran convicts U.S. journalist of spying

The Obama administration's efforts to improve relations with Iran hit a roadblock Saturday when a court in Tehran revealed it had convicted an American journalist of spying and sentenced her to eight years in prison. Published April 19, 2009

India's Muslims chafe under suspicion

Three months after the terrorist siege of India's commercial capital left more than 160 people dead, the bodies of nine Muslim attackers remain in a city morgue because local Muslims refuse to bury them. Published February 21, 2009

India terrorist attacks leave 80 dead

BOMBAY | In a series of attacks aimed at Western tourists, terrorists attacked India's financial capital late Wednesday, killing at least 80 people with automatic weapons and grenades and rounding up foreigners as hostages. Published November 27, 2008

Zardari set to win Pakistan presidency

In the six months since his coalition came to power, the widower of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has strengthened his position with shrewd maneuvers expected to culminate in his election as president on Saturday. Published September 5, 2008