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Grace Vuoto

Grace Vuoto is the editor of, a community journalism project of the Washington Times devoted to reporting the news from U.S. military bases at home and abroad. She also writes a weekly column, "On Base with Grace." She is a former editorial writer for The Times. She is also the founder of the Edmund Burke Institute for American Renewal and serves as its executive director. Dr. Vuoto is a professor, scholar and historian. She was assistant professor of modern British and European history at Howard University. She specializes in intellectual, diplomatic and imperial history. She also taught at Virginia Commonwealth University and McGill University. Dr. Vuoto has appeared on "The Savage Nation," "The Chris Core Show" and "Wake Up, Monterey with Mark Carbonaro." She has contributed articles and book reviews for Insight on the News, Human Events, the Ripon Forum, World and I, and the Journal of Canadian History. Her articles have been featured by leading media outlets, including the Drudge Report, ABC News, Real Clear Politics, Real Clear World, USA Today and Yahoo.

Articles by Grace Vuoto

Illustration: Infanticide by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

VUOTO: Sliding toward infanticide

President Obama has turned America into one of the most barbaric nations on earth: The country is committed to using tax dollars to kill unborn babies, both at home and abroad. Alarm bells were rung recently by pro-life groups that warned that states such as Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Mexico would be funding abortion as they established high-risk health care pools, despite Mr. Obama's issuance of an executive order prohibiting abortion coverage. It appears his paltry gesture will do little to stop the unfolding Obamacare bureaucratic tangle that will funnel funds for elective abortions. Published August 5, 2010

BASE NEWS: Troops inspire Iraqis

U.S. troops in Iraq are continuing their efforts at nation-building even as they draw down there, said Tamara Banks, a special correspondent for the high-definition television network HDNet, who recently returned from an embed with American and Iraqi forces. Published September 24, 2009

BASE NEWS: Best of GI Film Festival

This year the GI Film Festival "crossed a threshold," president and co-founder Brandon Millett told The Washington Times. Published September 10, 2009

VUOTO: Afghan police force needs reform

The commander of U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, is conducting an assessment to be released later this month that may include asking for more troops -- even beyond the additional troops President Obama has already pledged that will bring the total U.S. forces to 68,000. Published August 13, 2009

VUOTO: Second mission in Iraq: Invest

Despite all the hard work America has done to bring security to Iraq, it appears that other nations are reaping the financial rewards, former Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said in a recent interview at The Washington Times. Published August 6, 2009

VUOTO: Veterans demand respect

"Children will announce they want to serve in our nation's military, and teachers will applaud their aspirations, rather than regard them as lowering their standards. Parents need to see veterans for what they are: the best that every generation had to offer," states Executive Director David Bellavia on the Web site of the Warrior Legacy Foundation. Published June 18, 2009

VUOTO: Women on a mission

They are ladies who do not take "no" for an answer. Army spouse Rebecca Noah Poynter and Navy wife Joanna Williamson, both from the D.C. area, have been walking the halls of Congress once a week for months, petitioning members to support what they regard as a vital piece of legislation: The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act. Published May 7, 2009

VUOTO: Violent resolutions?

Many American teens regard violence as acceptable. A recent poll conducted by Opinion Research surveyed 750 boys and girls from 12 to 17 years of age and found that the majority of teens provided a variety of justifications for violent behavior. The report was featured in a Dec. 22 editorial in The Washington Times, titled "Mean teens?" We asked David W. Miller, professor of business ethics and director of the Princeton University Faith and Work Initiative, for his opinion. Mr. Miller trains youth on ethical behavior in the workplace. Published December 26, 2008

BOOKS: Bill O'Reilly shares his values

"A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity," will satisfy the curiosity of anyone who ever wondered what it would be like to spend time in private conversation with Bill O'Reilly. Published December 7, 2008