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Heather Cobun

Articles by Heather Cobun

For local businesses, it’s the big squeeze

As tourists from across the country and around the world pour into the District this week, businesses from hired car services to hotels and grocery stores are geared up for an event of unprecedented size. Published January 18, 2009

FedEx driver lets no package forgotten

Rashaan Hicks, a Waldorf resident who has been with FedEx Corp. for eight years, is used to working right up until Christmas Eve until the last package is delivered. Published December 22, 2008

D.C. ‘nightmare’ looms for inauguration

Area business and government leaders warned Monday that the District is not prepared to handle the record crowds expected to converge on the capital for Barack Obama's presidential inauguration. Published December 9, 2008

Shoppers drop out

Retailers got some help from Black Friday sales, but not enough to keep them out of the red in November. Published December 5, 2008

Retailers lure bargain hunters with holiday deals

Shoppers who snapped up Black Friday deals gave retailers a needed boost, but stores are by no means out of the woods with three weeks remaining before the holiday. Published December 2, 2008

Online retailers are holding their breath

The online shopping industry has its fingers hovering over the panic button but probably won't push it until the dust settles from the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Published December 1, 2008

Holiday shoppers lured with bargains

Shopping malls have been adorned with Christmas decorations for weeks, and most Santas showed up on the heels of Halloween, yet the holiday shopping season has not officially started. Published November 24, 2008

Downturn hurts gift-card giving

Gift-card spending is expected to decrease this year, adding to a growing list of retailer worries heading into a nervous holiday season. Published November 23, 2008

When one job, one pay isn’t enough

More people are turning to second jobs to make ends meet as the economy falls behind but the bills keep arriving right on schedule. Published November 17, 2008

Circuit City files for Chapter 11

Circuit City Stores Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection Monday to preserve its inventory of consumer electronics as it prepares for a difficult holiday shopping season ahead. Published November 11, 2008

Post-election view: Better times ahead

Business and political leaders were cautiously optimistic Thursday about the impact the incoming Obama administration will have on the D.C. area's economy. Published November 7, 2008

Internet innovation brings election closer to home

How will you find out who the next president is? While some will tune into their local or cable news channel of choice, many others will be online where they can access the latest coverage and election returns. Published November 4, 2008

Tysons Santa gets his gig back

Santa Claus will be coming to town again this year. The Tysons Corner mall Santa whose September firing caused a public outcry is being reinstated in time for the holiday season. Published October 25, 2008

PNC to open in Giant Food

Not long after Giant Food and in-store banking partner Chevy Chase Bank announced that they would be parting ways, PNC Financial Services Group Inc. began working with Giant to open branches in their stores. Published October 24, 2008

Electronic voting faces a backlash

Fewer people will vote on electronic voting machines this year than in 2006 as well-publicized reports of glitches and hacking have made voters and election boards distrustful of new technology. Published October 22, 2008

Circuit City shaky: Plans to unplug 150 stores

Troubled electronics retailer Circuit City Stores Inc. considered its options but withheld comment Monday after a published report that it would close stores to ward off bankruptcy sent its shares down 10 percent on the New York Stock Exchange. Published October 21, 2008

Creating experiences key to new marketing

When Martin Codd stepped off of a plane in New York City in the summer of 1986, the recent University of Wales graduate was only going to visit a friend for a couple of weeks. Published October 20, 2008

Wal-Mart rocks to AC/DC album

Die-hard fans of the notoriously noisy rock band AC/DC will be back in black tonight - at a Wal-Mart store near you. Published October 19, 2008

Students stay positive in bad economy

From college seniors entering the job market to freshmen calculating what course credits will most appeal to employers, students are focusing on how the economic downturn is going to affect their lives. Published October 13, 2008