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Lea Hutchins

Lea Hutchins

Lea Hutchins is a globe-trotting freelance writer and PR consultant with Touch Communications LLC. She previously served in the White House press office under George W. Bush and worked as the director of communications for the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @leahutchins.

Articles by Lea Hutchins

Thailand longboats (Photo by Lea Hutchins)

Travel: When things go wrong

Sometimes, when you least expect it, and you are far away from home on a beautiful beach or in a jungle or wandering the streets of a distant city, things can go horribly wrong. Most anyone who travels has a tale to tell. It happened to me. Published April 8, 2015

Bamboo tattoo: Southeast Asia's ancient bamboo art

It is not known exactly where bamboo tattoos originated – possibly Cambodia, but it is believed to have begun in the Buddhist temples in Thailand where religious texts would be tattooed onto monks for protection of the scripts. Published March 18, 2015

Mom and baby at Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Travel: Thailand's great elephant debate

Leaving Chiang Mai, Thailand, and driving through the hills and mountains, I was giddy with anticipation. This was the day I had been most looking forward to during my time in that country. My heart pounded, and I could feel my nervous excitement as the car crunched up a dirt road. Published February 24, 2015

Traveling in Qatar: This small country can be traversed in a matter of hours, heading out into the desert for the requisite camel ride or even to beach resorts overlooking the Saudi Arabian mountains, writes Lea Hutchins, who blogs on travel for The Washington Times.

Will Doha be the next Dubai?

In a city teeming with ex-pats, everyone seems to have an opinion on whether the capital of Qatar could eventually become the next Dubai, or whether the strict religious local Qatari citizens will prevent that from ever happening. Published February 9, 2015

Lea Hutchins, who writes The Lone Traveler blog for The Washington Times, in the Middle East -- where she attempted to sand sled and sand board.

Getting lost

People often ask me why I choose to travel alone. It’s not that I am a loner. I welcome company on my trips. But not for the entire time. My answer to them invariably ends with, “Because I want to get lost.” Published February 3, 2015