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Matthew Sheffield

Articles by Matthew Sheffield

Illustration: Google search by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

SHEFFIELD: Google gets hammered by monsters it created

You don't have to believe in karma to find the irony in the fact that the Web giant Google is finding itself in the cross hairs of the same pressure groups that it funded back when it was pushing heavily for "network neutrality." Published June 30, 2011

New-age censors ‘flag’ Web posts

One of the hottest Internet videos during the mortgage and banking crisis has been a YouTube clip titled "Burning Down the House," which outlines the untold story of how liberal Democrats pressured banks and lenders to throw standards out the window and give money to people who couldn't pay it back. Published October 2, 2008

SHEFFIELD: Hacking of Palin’s e-mail reveals how easy it is

As FBI agents close in on the computer hacker (said to be David Kernell, son of Democratic Tennessee state Rep. Mike Kernell) who broke into the private e-mail account of Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, one startling aspect of the case has emerged - just how easy it was to compromise. Published September 25, 2008

SHEFFIELD: Candidates use Web for cheap, edgy ads

In the American federalist system, states have become policy proving grounds, places where ideas can be tested and elevated to the national level if proven effective - "laboratories of democracy," as Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis once put it. Published September 5, 2008

SHEFFIELD: Conservatives miss Wikipedia’s threat

Wikipedia, the community-edited encyclopedia that anyone can revise, is one of the Web's biggest success stories. What you may not know is that it also has become an important player in the political world. Published August 21, 2008

SHEFFIELD: Profanity greater on liberal blogs

Are liberals more profane than conservatives? Online, the answer seems to be yes. Profanity, those taboo words banned from the broadcast airwaves, is a feature of many people's daily lives. It's much less so in the establishment media world. TV and radio broadcasts are legally prohibited from using it, most newspapers (including this one) have traditionally refrained from its usage. Published August 7, 2008

SHEFFIELD: Online, conservatives miss bigger point

Besides coming to grips with the lukewarm presidential candidacy of Sen. John McCain, there are few questions roiling the online Right more than what the future holds. Published July 24, 2008