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Morton Kondracke

Articles by Morton Kondracke

KONDRACKE: National service time has come

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the day before his swearing-in, President Barack Obama's Inaugural committee stimulated a more than doubling of volunteer activity around the country. Published January 25, 2009

KONDRACKE: Targeting obesity

President-elect Barack Obama has plenty of serious problems on his agenda, but here's another worthy one: a war on obesity. Published January 2, 2009

KONDRACKE: Say no to ‘war crimes’ probe

For the sake of national security and national unity, President-elect Barack Obama should put a stop to efforts to investigate or prosecute Bush administration officials for anti-terror "war crimes." Published December 26, 2008

KONDRACKE: National health-care tsunami

The good news is that, now that Democrats have won total control of the government, all Americans are likely to have health insurance. Published December 15, 2008

KONDRACKE: Obama pragmatic on energy?

President-elect Barack Obama is proving to be remarkably pragmatic and centrist as he tackles the global economic crisis. Big tests are yet to come on energy, however. Published November 30, 2008

KONDRACKE: Pakistan steps up antiterror fight

Along with a deep recession, President Bush is bequeathing his successor a deteriorating situation in Afghanistan - but there are positive signs across the border in Pakistan. Published October 20, 2008