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Neal McCluskey

Articles by Neal McCluskey

Illustration on Betsy DeVos by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

In defense of Betsy DeVos

Other than maybe the highly voluble William Bennett, Ronald Reagan's second education chief (who still has a radio show), it is difficult to think of a U.S. Secretary of Education who has garnered as much attention as Betsy DeVos. But not in a good way. As exemplified by her much-lambasted interview on "60 Minutes" recently, from basically the day her nomination was announced she has been condemned as dangerous and unprepared for the job. Published March 18, 2018

American River Ganges, Thomas Nast. Harpers Weekly September 30, 1871.

Distinguishing between disagreement and bigotry

I am a Roman Catholic, and I study education for a living. Knowing that, you may think that I view the anti-Catholicism that runs through a lot of American history -- much of which played out in education -- as pure bigotry. You would be wrong. Published November 22, 2016