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Nerdist Industries is the Digital Division of Legendary Entertainment. Nerdist Industries was founded as a sole podcast (The Nerdist Podcast) created by Chris Hardwick but soon spread to include a network of podcasts, a premium content YouTube channel, a news division (Nerdist News), and a television version of the original podcast produced by and aired on BBC America. Nerdist Industries was first officially formed after Chris Hardwick (The Nerdist Podcast) and Peter Levin (GeekChicDaily) merged their endeavors to become The newly minted Nerdist Industries, after which GeekChicDaily was rebranded Nerdist News. The newly formed company began to produce additional podcasts under the Nerdist Industries banner as well as producing content and webshows for its Nerdist YouTube channel. Shortly after this Nerdist Industries was acquired by Legendary Entertainment. Nerdist Industries operates independently with Chris Hardwick and Peter Levin acting as Co-Presidents Of Legendary Entertainments Digital Division (Nerdist Industries)., - Source: Wikipedia

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