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Club for Growth targets Sen. Mark Pryor over spending

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An influential anti-spending group is launching a new round of attacks against Sen. Mark L. Pryor, saying the Arkansas Democrat is trying to hide the liberal voting record that he has compiled in support of the Obama administration’s agenda.

The Club for Growth said Thursday that it is rolling out new online and radio ads and a new website that highlight Mr. Pryor’s support for Obamacare and what they see as his anti-growth policies.

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“Mark Pryor will do anything to hide his liberal record and support for the Obama agenda, but Club for Growth Action won’t let him,” said Chris Chocola, president of the influential conservative anti-spending group. “Mark Pryor supports Obamacare and still defends it, even though it’s a total failure that will raise health care costs for Arkansas families. Mark Pryor claims he’s standing up for Main Street, but he voted to bail out Wall Street banks with $700 billion of our tax dollars.”

Mr. Pryor is seen as one of the most vulnerable Democrats heading into the 2014 election, in which Republicans need a net pickup of six seats to capture the Senate.

Rep. Tom Cotton, a freshman GOP lawmaker, is challenging the two-term incumbent.

The new Club for Growth radio ad directs people to the new website and accuses Mr. Pryor of trying to hide from his record and “fool voters in Arkansas.”

“Hey, Senator Pryor, when you side with Barack Obama 95 percent of the time, how is that good for Arkansas?” a woman ask in the ad.

A Pryor campaign spokesman hit back at Mr. Cotton, calling him a tool of Washington special interests, and opposed to social programs that benefit Arkansas voters.

“With his votes to cut Medicare and block the Farm Bill, Congressman Cotton has proven that he’ll listen to Washington special interest groups at the expense of Arkansans. These groups are bankrolling Cotton’s campaign with no concern for Arkansans, and they’re willing to spend millions to buy a senator whose irresponsible agenda is lockstep with their own,” spokesman Erik Doley said.

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