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Live Chat with Mark Zuckerman

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Hi folks, sorry we’re a few minutes late today. Pesky traffic coming into RFK. Let’s get right to your questions…From OKgunfight:John PattersonNatsMark Zuckerman:From Jeffrey Saffelle in Alexandria:Mark Zuckerman:From Michael in Westport, Conn.: Mark Zuckerman:From Connie Schneider in Maryland City, Md.:Jesus FloresBrian SchneiderMark Zuckerman:From GoNats! in Fairfax:Mark Zuckerman:From Tim R. in Columbus, Ohio:Mark Zuckerman:From Screech’sBestFriend in Alexandria:Mark Zuckerman:From RF in Manassas:Mark Zuckerman:From John in Fairfax:Mark Zuckerman:OK, that’ll do it for this week. Thanks to everyone who posted questions. Tell your friends to join us next week from Cincinnati! Until then…

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