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Fridays with Joe

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Redskinscoach Joe Gibbs

\ The Hall of Fame coach went off on two innocent questions.\

\ Asked if he had thought about being 11-0 against Sunday’s opponent, Detroit, Gibbs snapped, “It’s ridiculous. First of all most of those coaches weren’t there, almost none of ‘em were [and] none of the players were there. It means nothing. That’s just like last week means nothing up here. It’s week-to-week. We’re seeing teams score 50 points one week and get shut out the next. That’s life in the NFL. My past history is this. We won Super Bowls here before [1982, 1987 and 1991]. Right now, we can’t anything. My deal is today. That has nothing to do with the past. I think they know it and we know it. For me, it’s trying to get a win, somehow, some way and it’s going to take every swinging soul we’ve got, every player here playing great.”\

\ Gibbs then launched into how good the surprising 3-1 Lions were, forgetting that his Redskins are 2-1.\

\ The next question would be the final one. A reporter quoted Gibbs as saying in a Monday television interview that the Redskins are “about a 70 percent” running team, adding “that’s kinda where we want to be.” Gibbs denied every saying it, not just in Monday’s interview but in “my entire life.” Gibbs then stressed the importance of a balance between run and pass. He used the word balance or balanced six times in a couple of minutes, biting off his words, obviously signalling the end of the interview session.\

\ Balanced? More like unbalanced on the eve of a game.\

\ — David Elfin

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