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Seen and Heard from Candlestick Park

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Just once during a trip to Candlestick Park, Sir Scribble wants to see history re-enacted. But before the Redskins-49ers game on Sunday, nobody ventured to the end zone to perform “The Catch” — Joe Montana to Dwight Clark to lead San Francisco past Dallas in the January 1982 NFC title game.

The 49ers busted out their old-school uniforms from the Montana Glory Days and Scrib can’t recall a team that has as many retired numbers prominently displayed: 73, 39, 34, 12, 70, 37, 87, 16, 79, 42 and 8, as well as “BW” for Bill Walsh. …

The Stick is old school, but there are signs of the modern age. The press box is sponsored by Sling Box (which Scrib will soon be purchasing) and there are flat screen televisions throughout the concourses. …

Forty five minutes before kickoff, Scrib got worried when The Danny & Vinny Show strode down the sideline and the Wingman himself — Bernie Shaw — was nowhere in sight. But he soon met up with his buddies near the Redskins bench. …

For the first time in several years, Scrib was unable to spot any Redskins gear during his travels on Saturday. Granted, on the first flight – Fargo, N.D. to Denver – no burgundy was expected. But the second leg – Denver to San Francisco – is usually good for at least one Redskins jersey. Nothing. Just a lot of frantic travelers worried about their connections to Hong Kong (tough luck) and Seoul (they had time). …

Scrib’s quarters hosted two weddings Saturday and the bass thumps of the reception could be heard throughout the night. Earlier in the evening, the bartender did his best to impress his customer, giving Scrib the low down on the hotel  and San Mateo area: The in-room mattresses cost $3,000, the Jets and Eagles stayed at this hotel earlier this year, the rooms have HDTVs and, most importantly, Tom Brady played high school football about three blocks away. …

Scrib and Washington Times columnist Dan Daly later learned there’s a difference between the San Francisco Airport Marriott and the San Mateo Marriott “By The” San Francisco Airport. Summoned to lobby for dinner at 6:45 p.m. local time Saturday, the discrepancy was quickly resolved with a cab ride to the restaurant. …

And, for Sir Scribble, this is it until arriving in Tampa next month for the Super Bowl.

- Ryan O’Halloran

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