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“It’s hot out here,” Edwards said. “Some guys do things you shouldn’t do in practice against other players. It happens, but sometimes you have to let those guys know.”

Frazier comes across as one of the mildest-mannered men on the field, but Edwards and Allen have felt his wrath.

“Oh, yeah, he gets mad at me and Jared a lot,” Edwards said, “so that’s not the first time I’ve seen him that mad.”

The Vikings were impressed by Gerhart’s spunk, too.

“He’s a tough running back. I give him all the credit for that,” Edwards said. “He definitely runs the ball hard and definitely does his job well.”

As for who was in the wrong?

“I think it’s what makes these guys good. You’ve got to have a little edge to you. You’ve got to have a little stink about you,” Childress said. “Toby’s choking it back a little. He understands the rookie role and all that stuff. You’re only going to take it for so long. It’s the old Popeye deal: ‘That’s all I can stands. I can’t stands no more.’ I don’t know how it happened. The great thing is the eye in the sky don’t lie. We got it all on video tape.”