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Burleson and Scheffler were impressed with Stafford from afar, playing for Seattle and Denver, respectively, and have quickly figured out they’re going to love playing with him.

“He’s more intelligent and confident than I thought he would be,” Burleson said. “I knew he had grit after what he did in the Cleveland game and obviously his arm is crazy. But he doesn’t lean on coaches as much as most young quarterbacks do because he knows the offense so well. I’m not saying he’s ready to cut the umbilical cord, but he knows to be successful he’ll have to take some risks and do some things you can’t coach.”

Scheffler said there are probably only a few guys in the league who can put a football in small window on the field like Stafford can, adding he has been more awed by how the QB carries himself.

“He’s way beyond his years in terms of maturity,” Scheffler said.

Ask anyone who has spent time around Stafford and most of them will say he simply “gets it,” after growing up in the spotlight as a star QB growing up near Dallas and staying in it at Georgia.

“That’s a compliment,” he said. “A lot goes into being an NFL quarterback. You need to be responsible for your job on the field and you have to be responsible off the field because you’re representing the organization every day.”