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The report also follows disclosure by WikiLeaks of a document that indicates for the first time that a Chinese specialist told U.S. officials that North Korea has covert underwater nuclear facilities.

A Sept. 26, 2008, cable — labeled “secret” and based on a conversation with a Chinese specialist and a U.S. official in Shanghai — stated that North Korea failed to report “critical information about secret underwater nuclear facilities located on North Korea’s coast.”

The facilities were omitted in North Korea’s May 2008 declaration of its nuclear programs made during the now-defunct six-party nuclear talks.

WikiLeaks source

Amid the frenzy over the disclosure of more than 250,000 classified State Department cables, little media attention so far has been focused on the most likely origin of the cables: Army Pfc.Bradley Manning, who Britain’s Telegraph newspaper described as “openly homosexual” and who appeared motivated to illicitly download classified data after an argument with an ex-boyfriend.

The newspaper gained access to Pfc. Manning’s Facebook account before it was apparently disabled and reported on July 30 that “pictures on Mr. Manning’s Facebook page include photos of him … at a gay rights rally, where he is holding up a placard demanding equality on ‘the battlefield.’”

The Army intelligence analyst stated in early May on the Facebook page, according to the Telegraph, that he was “livid” over being “lectured by ex-boyfriend” and that he was upset for being treated like a “piece of equipment.” As a result, he stated he was “beyond frustrated with people and society at large.”

Robert L. Maginnis, a retired Army officer, said one of the questions raised about the massive intelligence failure in the case of the leaked documents is why no one in the Army noticed Pfc. Manning’s sexual orientation, which under the current policy requires open homosexuals to be dismissed.

Mr. Maginnis said it is not clear what motivated Pfc. Manning.

“However, I’m most concerned that a PC [military] chain of command apparently knew this private was a homosexual and failed to seek discharge,” Mr. Maginnis told Inside the Ring. “This is a byproduct of President Obama’s call for repeal and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates‘ endorsement. Officials up and down the chains-of-command saw the writing on the wall and virtually stopped discharges for homosexuality.”

“Clearly, this young man is disturbed, and only his psychiatrist can determine whether his homosexual identity played a role in his alleged leaking,” Mr. Maginnis said. “But this case should be watched to see whether Manning’s homosexuality contributed to his actions.”

Beijing’s arms back terror

A State Department cable written in May 2008 has confirmed an earlier report in this column about how China had sold weapons to Iran that are being used by insurgents and terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The May 13, 2008, cable called for the U.S. ambassador to China to protest Beijing’s transfer of advanced conventional arms, including shoulder-fired missiles, to Iran.

“In April 2008, Coalition forces recovered from a cache in Basra, Iraq, at least two Chinese-produced Iranian-supplied QW-1 MANPADS that we assess were provided by Iran to Iraqi Shia militants,” the report said. MANPADs is military jargon for man-portable air defense missiles.

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