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“We won. That’s what I remember about it,” he said. “I think I had the game-winning home run, too, if I remember correctly. At least as far as everyone here knows, right?”

The stakes will be much higher on Thanksgiving night, although to the Harbaugh brothers, it’s just another chapter in a competition that will almost certainly continue for the rest of their lives.

“I’m really looking forward to it, and I think Jim is, too,” John said. “Yeah, it’s going to be very competitive, it’s going to be very emotional. We’re going to have a lot of family in town. It’s one of those things in life where you don’t get these moments back, you don’t get these chances to live back. And this is a chance to live. Not just for Jim and I, but for the family, even the players and fans. If nothing else, it’s something to remember. It’s an event. It’s cool.”

The Harbaughs’ parents will be at the stadium early, but will watch the game at John’s house to “allow the stage to be John and Jim‘s. I want to rephrase that. Let the stage be the 49ers and the Ravens. I stand corrected,” Jack Harbaugh said.

Some have dubbed this the Harbaugh Bowl, but it’s also a very important game for both teams. The 49ers have won eight straight and are chasing unbeaten Green Bay for the top seed in the NFC. San Francisco can clinch the NFC West with a win and a Seattle loss on Sunday against Washington.

The Ravens are locked in a first-place tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers, one game ahead of surprising Cincinnati.

Jim Harbaugh loves the idea of squaring off against John again, although he’d have preferred a more neutral scenario.

“It’s the first time in history that two brothers have coached against each other,” he said. “This will be the first time since they went to a 16-game schedule that a team has traveled three time zones to play a Thursday game.”

Asked how he will feel staring across the field at his brother, John said, “I’ll be filled with so much pride and joy. And then probably some anger and other things once we start playing. But really, it’s special.”


AP Sports Writer Janie McCauley in Santa Clara, Calif. contributed to this report.