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CHARLESTON — A committee of the national Episcopal Church says its investigation of the conservative bishop of one of the oldest Episcopal dioceses in the United States concluded he has not abandoned the church amid the ongoing schism over the ordination of gays and other issues.

The Episcopal Church consecrated its first openly gay bishop in 2003, upsetting conservative Episcopalians who believe Scripture forbids same-sex relationships. Three years later, Bishop Mark Lawrence’s Diocese of South Carolina and two others voted to reject the authority of the national church’s presiding bishop but stopped short of a full break.

Since late September, the 18-member disciplinary board of the national church had been studying information provided by parishioners in the South Carolina diocese, which has roots reaching to the Revolutionary War.


More than 460 cars damaged in turnpike spill

PITTSBURGH — Authorities say 464 motorists have reported damage from last week’s 40-mile driveway-sealant spill on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

A leaking valve on a tanker spread the gooey substance over the eastbound lanes of the turnpike in Western Pennsylvania.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported Tuesday that the number of damaged cars may be even higher, since some complaints may have gone directly to insurance companies. Authorities are still investigating.

The sticky substance covered tires and wheels and disabled many cars. Some maintenance vehicles had to be towed away after getting stuck.

From wire dispatches and staff reports