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Mr. Lehman will be highlighting NBCUniversal’s varied digital portfolio, including Fandango, iVillage and DailyCandy, as well as online content related to NBC broadcast programming.

Mr. Lehman is perhaps in a unique position among the NewFront presenters, given that his company is also a major TV network - and thus very much in the crosshairs of some NewFront presenters.

“We think the platforms are all complementary if we execute the right way,” said Mr. Lehman. “We’ve seen a lot of success in how we can reinforce on-air ratings with digital platforms, with digital engagement, and vice versa. If used the right way, it can be very symbiotic.”

Though NBC shuttered its Digital Studios last year, Mr. Lehman pledges NBCUniversal Digital will be making announcements around original video content at the NewFronts.

Presenters are largely saving their news for the stage, but many are expected to unveil new programs. Talent will be trotted out. Altogether, it will be a moment for digital to show that it’s ready to play on TV’s stage.

McCarus even envisions the scales tipping the other way: “In five years, I wouldn’t be surprised if the broadcast networks started to participate in the digital content NewFronts as this becomes the clear winning game.”