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Belichick hasn’t seen a tight-end combination with such receiving skills very often in his 37 NFL seasons.

“I see it every day in practice,” he said.

Now its Denver’s turn to face that formidable pair a month after its first encounter.

“They’ve got tough matchups They’re all great players,” Broncos coach John Fox said. “Tom’s as good as anybody at finding those matchups and it will come down to that again this time, I’m sure.”

Brady didn’t do enough of that in his last two playoff games.

Two years ago against the Ravens, Brady threw for 154 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions and was sacked three times.

Last year, the Jets sacked him five times, he threw an interception on his first series and he never got the lead back after New York went ahead 7-3 five minutes into the second quarter.

Light isn’t sure how much those two losses hurt the quarterback whose blind side he’s protected since 2001.

“I haven’t talked with him about it, but he doesn’t typically take losing too well,” Light said with a grin. “I’ve noticed that over the years.”