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The Dark Knight Rises Wall Track Starter Set (Mattel, ages 4 and older, $34.99) - This complex addition to a Hot Wheels fan’s collection features a black version of Batman’s Tumbler vehicle (with a plastic, not metal, body, boo-hoo) that can shoot down a course mounted to a wall using a bit of gravitational power.

Parents attach a poster-size scene of Gotham City to the wall and use Command Strips (adhesive hooks that can be temporarily affixed to the wall) to hang track brackets and keep the poster in place.

With the track assembled, the Batmobile starts from the top, hits a 360-degree loop and multiple sharp turns, can smash a wall, fly through gates and jump from a ramp at the bottom, sending it careening into the air.

What’s slick is drivers can load multiple cars at the top and they automatically will run through the course triggered by the car before them. The kit also can be added on to other Wall Track modules (sold separately).

Sounds fun the first dozen times or so, but cleanup requires very careful removal of the Command Strips.

One note: Even though I was a huge Hot Wheels fan growing up (I still have my original vehicles from the 1970s), my son never felt the micro muscle car love. Like-minded dads committing to complex track set-ups should be aware of the space requirements, the lack of replayability (the novelty wears off after about an hour) as well as finding ample room to neatly store the pieces (the box is garbage once opened) before introducing junior to the Hot Wheels legend.