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“We are happy that Peyton decided to join us,” head coach Romeo Crennel said. “Peyton is a big, strong, physical back with a lot of talent and he should fit into our system well. We are looking forward to working with him and adding him into our offense.”

Hillis reportedly had trouble with teammates last season. He sat out Cleveland’s game on Sept. 25 against Miami with a bout of strep throat and missed a treatment for his ailing hamstring when he left during a work week to get married.

Making his year even more topsy-turvy, he changed agents more than once and even said at one point that the entire year had made him “believe in curses.”

Now, he says, he feels no need to rebuild his reputation.

“Not at all. I think how I played in the past and where I’ve been, it can speak for itself and I feel like everywhere I’ve been I’ve produced and I’ve done well with the opportunities I’ve got and it will be the same here,” he said. “And I know that. I play for me, myself and my family, and for the Chiefs. I’m very excited for the opportunity and hope everything works out.

“I think that a lot of people wanted to show that I could prove myself again and if that’s the case, I’m more than happy doing it. I saw this as an opportunity to be reunited with coach Daboll and with (general manager) Scott Pioli and coach Crennel because they’re great people.”