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In July 1989, Mr. Fitch was a United pilot and flight instructor who happened to be a passenger on United Flight 232 when it lost all hydraulic power while flying from Denver to Chicago.

The DC-10 crash-landed, killing 111 people. Mr. Fitch and 184 others survived, largely as a result of his troubleshooting from the cockpit floor where he and the crew struggled to control the plunging jet.

The work of the crew became famous in the aviation world and became part of pilot training.


Man held in torching of cab after 2010 Lakers victory

LOS ANGELES — An intense two-year police investigation has led to the arrest of an arsonist suspected of torching a taxicab during a melee outside the Staples Center after the Los Angeles Lakers NBA championship victory in 2010.

Investigators say Darren Cooper has been charged with arson for his purported role in the June 2010 violence after the Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics.

Mr. Cooper’s age and other details will be released at a Wednesday news conference.

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and police Chief Charlie Beck are expected to ask for public help in identifying five other suspects.

Besides the torched cab, people started other fires, rocked cars, smashed windows and threw objects at fans and officers.

There were 45 arrests in the days after the melee.


Bomb threat halts 2 Southwest Airlines flights

SANTA ANA — Two Southwest Airlines flights with ties to Phoenix and Orange County’s John Wayne Airport were grounded Tuesday night after a threatening phone call, authorities said.

Both planes were cleared later in the evening.

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