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“The type of shots they were, though, they were ones I know I have the capability to stop,” Holtby said. “Traffic in front of the net was non-existent today because our forwards really took it to heart this last little while that we need to bear down on our end. It was outstanding tonight. We’re going to need that moving forward.”

Holtby also contributed to the scoring outburst with a long pass that sprung Brouwer for Washington’s second goal. Oates expects his goalie to be part of the offense.

“That’s a very heady play by him,” Oates said. “It means he’s involved in the game.”

Add it all up, and the Capitals now know what it takes to realize Oates‘ vision for them. Now they have to apply that over and over and over.

“It’s only one win,” Oates said. “Obviously we needed it. Enjoy the moment and then get back to work.”