SNYDER: NFL teams are willing to give it that old college try

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Considering the evolution of athletes, in general, and quarterbacks, in particular, the NFL would be foolish to maintain its blanket indictment of college-style offenses and multiskilled signal-callers.

Yes, quarterbacks need to be handled with more care than fullbacks, but there’s no reason to make them totally one-dimensional. When extraordinary talents line up behind center, only a negligent coach won’t tailor his offense accordingly.

“It’s interesting that three or four years ago, or maybe even five years ago, when colleges really started to diversify offense, the talk in the NFL was that it would never work,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said Wednesday on the Tim Brando Show. “But what I see [now] is NFL coaches evaluating college talent and saying, ‘Wow, why are we not doing this?’

“I think over half the teams in the NFL are going to be running this style of offense [five years from now].”

Less than half the teams can field pure pocket passers the likes of Manning and Brady. Less than half can field dynamic dual-threats the likes of RG3 and Kaepernick.

But every team has to find ways to move the ball, no matter what the offense looks like.

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