- The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 9, 2016

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Wednesday he is a uniter but that he can’t let his current rivals simply attack without responding.

“I am a uniter, but I have to finish off the project,” Mr. Trump said on CNN’s “New Day.” “You know, I can’t all of a sudden stand there and let people … you know, Marco was very, very nasty to me, I have to tell you. He was very, very nasty to me, and I guess he made a mistake because I was more nasty to him.”

“You have to finish off what you have to finish off — I can’t say all of a sudden, you know, let them make statements,” he said.

Mr. Trump picked up three more wins this week, in Mississippi, Michigan, and Hawaii, while Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas won in Idaho.

He said he did think Thursday’s debate in Florida — which is sponsored by The Washington Times, Salem Radio and CNN — would be a “softer” debate ahead of the March 15 winner-take-all contest there.

“I believe it’s going to be a softer debate. I hope it’s going to be a softer debate,” Mr. Trump said. “I can tell you that I go in much more as a uniter…I think the wins last night were very, very big ones, and very decisive ones.”

“You look at Mississippi — almost 50 percent. You look at the numbers I got in Michigan, and then I had the surprise of Hawaii, where I did so well,” he said. “Hawaii was such a nice thing. I have a fantastic hotel … We have a great hotel there. And a lot of employees, a lot of people and it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful. But that was the capper that I just saw this morning, and winning it so decisively, too.”

“I think it’ll be a nicer, softer, lighter debate, I hope,” Mr. Trump said.



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