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Wounded Warrior Caregiving Hero: Meet Sue Kirk

It was worth all the stress, hurt and worry Sue Kirk had experienced since becoming her son Jim's caregiver when she received a warm hug from him and heard him say he wouldn't be here if it weren't for her. Published May 26, 2015

Don't transform America; perfect it

President Obama and others who think like him want to "fundamentally transform" the United States. Yet in order to become successful, many of these people took advantage of opportunities provided them by the United States — before any transformation had taken place. Published May 26, 2015

Christians not leaving Israel

Reading "Pope Francis canonizes first modern Palestinian saints in heavily symbolic move" (Web, May 17) an unsuspecting reader might think that Christian Arabs are persecuted in all of Israel, not just in the West Bank and Gaza. The same reader might also get the impression that Christian Arabs are leaving Israel. Neither of these is true. Published May 26, 2015

FILE - In this Jan. 18, 2013 file photo, then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at the State Department in Washington. On Friday, the State Department posted 296 Benghazi-related emails from Hillary Clinton's private server.  (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

Let's see the server

There's a media consensus that there's no "smoking gun" in the emails that Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of State and presidential candidate, has "persuaded" the department she presided over for so long to release to the public. Published May 26, 2015

In this May 24, 2015 photo, police pick up a pair of shoes after a double shooting in Baltimore. Baltimore city police said dozens of people have been shot and at least eight killed in a series of separate weekend shootings. The Baltimore Sun reported that 35 people have been killed so far in May, making it the deadliest month in Baltimore since December 1999. (Colin Campbell/The Baltimore Sun via AP)

Collateral damage in the ghetto

The morgue in Baltimore is getting crowded. The riots that convulsed the city last month have subsided, and the fusillade of rocks and bricks and the burning of cars and shops has been replaced by a more frightening violence -- murder in wholesale lot. Published May 26, 2015

Obama let the Islamic State grow

What did President Obama mean in October 2012 when he said the greatest geopolitical threat to the United States was al Qaeda? Hadn't he recently been yelling at college kids that al Qaeda had been decimated? Published May 25, 2015

No more Clintons

Hillary Clinton should do the honorable thing and bow out gracefully. Her scandal-ridden resume makes her ineligible to hold the highest office in this great nation. She is detrimental to the Democratic Party and will put the United States in further peril as the opposition will not let up in exposing her past, and free nations of the world will have less respect for our country. Published May 25, 2015

Email scandal a security risk

Since a Romanian hacker was able to read some of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emails, we can be sure that foreign intelligence services were very likely able to do the same. Knowing that Mrs. Clinton was a potential presidential candidate, the foreign intelligence services probably have kept complete files. Published May 25, 2015

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus speaks at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City, on Thursday, May 21, 2015. (AP Photo/Alonzo Adams)

Setting up the presidential debates

Out of work politicians with time on their hands once occupied themselves by fishing, collecting stamps or learning full-hitch macrame. But that was so 20th century. Now they run for president, some of them more than once, sometimes with no more experience at dealing with problems than talking about them. Is this a great country, or what? But running for president finally threatens to overwhelm the presidential debates. Published May 25, 2015

FILE - In this Nov. 12, 2014 file photo, the website, where people can buy health insurance, on a laptop screen, is seen in Portland, Ore. If the latest health overhaul case before the Supreme Court gets decided the way most Republicans want, it could have a politically painful unintended consequence for GOP lawmakers.   (AP Photo/Don Ryan, File)

Paying the devil in the details

Obamacare seems about to implode, and the implosion could be a great contribution to those who would reform America's health system in a systematic way. The nation will have to get it right the second time around. Published May 25, 2015

Wounded Warrior Caregiving Hero: Meet Theresia Ditto

Michael Ditto's admission that he needed help was a welcome relief for his wife, Theresia. That made it easier for her to deal with some difficult choices she had to make, such as leaving college to support him. Published May 24, 2015

Obama, not Fox, disconnected

President Obama disarms criticism with humor. I doubt that it is his humor, of course; he likely openly borrows from his numerous writers. But if he can get you to laugh along with him and identify with his chuckle he can prevent your being disgusted by how he tears America down, insults Christianity and praises the contributions of Islam. Published May 24, 2015

Don't stand idly by

Evil worsens when good people stand silently by. Published May 24, 2015

Visitors touches the names at the wall of Vietnam Veterans Memorial, during a Memorial Day candlelight vigil at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC., Friday, May 22, 2015.  (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

'Peace is the right memorial'

Memorial Day in America has traditionally been a time when we pay our respects to those who gave their lives, over a century ago, in a tragic civil war. In a broader sense, it has come to stand not only for the sacrifice of those who served in the War Between the States, but for all of those who have given their lives in arms since the birth of our nation. Published May 24, 2015

Nun characterization misleading

Your coverage of the recent canonization of two 19th-century Arab Christian nuns featured some glaring historical distortions that need to be corrected ("Pope Francis canonizes first modern Palestinian saints in heavily symbolic move," Web, May 17). Published May 21, 2015

The Internet at risk

The Obama administration is determined to give away America's last remaining control of the Internet, an organization called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, by the end of this year. ICANN assigns the Internet addresses that makes the web work, and the Internet structure is not prepared to receive it. Published May 21, 2015

George Stephanopoulos, chief Washington correspondent for ABC News and anchor of the Sunday-morning political- affairs program "This Week With George Stephanopoulos"

The consequences of betraying trust

Many Americans have moved beyond trusting anyone. They don't trust businessmen and they don't trust businesswomen. They think their bankers are out to cheat them, mistakes at the supermarket are always in the merchant's favor, and the men and women they elect to represent them in Congress turn out to be spineless panderers more interested in their perks of office than in protecting the interests of those who send them to Washington. The democratic government passed down by the nation's Founders has, in the eyes of the frustrated many, morphed into a bloated and incompetent bureaucracy. Published May 21, 2015