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  • **FILE** President Obama (right) and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan meet in Seoul on March 25, 2012. (Associated Press)

    Obama won't acknowledge Armenian genocide by Turkey, protesters say

    Protesters will use President Obama's fundraising trip to Southern California on Tuesday to highlight his refusal to live up to a campaign promise to recognize the Armenian genocide in Turkey nearly a century ago.

  • BOOK REVIEW: ‘Why Coolidge Matters’

    It is disappointing that Calvin Coolidge is consistently relegated to the hinterlands of America's presidential landscape. There are several reasons for this. First, he is a victim of what Lincoln called the "silent artillery of time" -- the way the memory of any earthly thing fades with the years.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Coolidge'

    When Ronald Reagan chose to hang a portrait of Calvin Coolidge in the White House Cabinet room, he was making a policy statement: Coolidge was a seriously underrated president, and the 30th president had a view of taxation in sync with his own. Six decades earlier, Coolidge had branded taxation that was "not absolutely required" as "only a species of legalized larceny."

  • Calvin Coolidge

    TYRRELL: Why 'Silent Cal' was such a successful president

    I am indebted to Amity Shlaes for gently correcting a joke of mine that dates back to July 8, 1972. On that day in the New York Times, I joshed that President Calvin Coolidge "probably spent more time napping than any President in the nation's history" and therefore was a successful president.

  • Illustration: Reagan and Coolidge

    TUCKER: 2012 challenge: Find Calvin Coolidge's heir

    As the 2012 election approaches, the stakes could not be higher. By most accounts, the Republicans hold that rare opportunity to un- seat an incumbent president. Whom they nominate will determine the outcome of the election and, if their nominee is elected, the success of the next four - or eight - years. While history can never precisely predict the future, it can - and should - be a guide.

  • Illustration: Gov. Scott Walker by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    HARTWELL: No compromise in Wisconsin

    As we follow events in Wisconsin, a history lesson is appropriate. History has a message for Gov. Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin whose electoral mandate he seeks to implement. It is, very simply, that Mr. Walker should not compromise. Principled leadership will prevail over the orchestrated thuggery of the public unions, notwithstanding the unions' conspicuous support from our nation's most aggressive "community organizers."

  • BOOK REVIEW: When two conservatives ran

    In his excellent book "The High Tide of American Conservatism: Davis, Coolidge, and the 1924 Election," Garland S. Tucker III provides a timely perspective on the last election in which both major parties nominated candidates committed to limited government, low taxes and individual liberty.

  • Illustration by William Brown

    POWELL: Jump-starting the economy

    Although the con- ventional wis- dom - backed by President Obama and the Democrats - is that government spending must go up in hard times, the 1920s began with a depression, and spending went down. Gross National Product (GNP) fell 23.9 percent from 1920 to 1921, compared with the 23.4 percent drop from 1931 to 1932 - the biggest annual GNP decline of the Great Depression. Unemployment doubled to 11 percent in 1921, compared with 24.9 percent in 1933, the worst unemployment level of the Great Depression.

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