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  • Marines are coached in Mind Fitness Training. A study of Marines who had taken the course found that they scored higher on emotional and cognitive evaluations than those who did not. (Elizabeth Stanley)

    Marines expanding use of meditation training

    While preparing for overseas deployment with the U.S. Marines last year, Staff Sgt. Nathan Hampton participated in a series of training exercises at Camp Pendleton, Calif. There were weapons qualifications. Grueling physical workouts. High-stress squad counterinsurgency drills. And weekly meditation classes.

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  • Ms. Stanley wrote a paper for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), essentially arguing that meditative techniques similar to those used by Buddhist monks were both necessary and appropriate for today's military — from drone pilots coping with information overload to infantrymen conducting dangerous and stressful counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations.

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  • In the future, Ms. Stanley said, meditation may become as standard in the military as rifle practice, another way of making troops more effective and resilient.

    Marines expanding use of meditation training →

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