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  • Innocent pig

    PRUDEN: October panic for mid-August

    Panic is never pretty, and it leads men to say foolish things — even presidents and their friends and flunkies. The wicked flee when none pursue, but sometimes they flee when facts are gaining on them.

  • Illustration West Ad by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

    KNIGHT: Slinging mud from the Soptic tank

    Public figures' records are fair game in political campaigns. It's not "mudslinging" unless it's untrue or employs "derogatory personal slurs," according to the Living Webster Dictionary.

  • President Obama is shown an old photograph Aug. 9, 2012, at Romero's Cafe and Catering in Pueblo, Colo., by Robert Romero (right), the establishment's owner, and Virginia Romero (left), who founded the establishment. (Associated Press)

    Obama backers won't pull 'disgusting' TV ad

    Supporters of President Obama refused Thursday to pull a TV ad suggesting that Republican Mitt Romney caused a woman to die from cancer, a commercial that is raising questions about suspected coordination between the Obama campaign and an advocacy group founded by a former White House staffer.

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