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  • **FILE** House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., with House GOP leaders, speaks with reporters following a Republican strategy session, at the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013. At left is Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    Eric Cantor pressured to skip conference by moderate GOP group

    The head of a conservative advocacy group is calling on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to turn down an invitation to attend a conference being hosted by a moderate Republican organization, warning that by going, Mr. Cantor could hurt his standing with the GOP's grassroots leaders.

  • L. Brent Bozell III, founder of the Media Research Center, was labeled a "hater" by Jonathan Collegio of Karl Rove's conservative super PAC American Crossroads.

    Inside the Beltway: The war on Rove escalates

    A bristling group of 25 traditional conservatives are out to protect one of their own in a new push against the "establishment Republicans" of Karl Rove's American Crossroads.

  • Democratic strategists are citing President Reagan's speeches and letters to persuade Republicans to agree to a debt-ceiling increase. A conservative media analyst said Reagan was being taken out of context. (Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library)

    Inside the Beltway

    And now for a reality check: "Muslim and Western publics continue to largely agree that relations between them are poor and disagree about who is at fault — Muslims largely blame Westerners, while those in the West generally blame Muslims."

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  • "Aligning yourself with extreme opponents of the Republican Party would be an astonishing turn of events — with consequences," Mr. Bozell said. "Mr. Leader: Don't aid and abet sworn opponents of conservatives. If you do, it will cause irreparable damage."

    Eric Cantor falls hard from good graces of conservatives →

  • "If your position is that grassroots conservatives and Tea Party supporters no longer belong in the Republican Party then it will permanently destroy any credibility you have left with conservatives," Mr. Bozell said. "Without conservatives, the GOP will also collapse."

    Eric Cantor falls hard from good graces of conservatives →

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