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  • Rep. Ron Paul was not particularly effective in winning voters during the Republican primaries, but he managed to build a cadre of loyal delegates whose influence will reverberate for years to come. (Associated Press)

    In Paul they trust as he leaves political stage

    One way to measure Rep. Ron Paul's ascendance as a political player is to compare the cold shoulder he got from rival Republican presidential candidate John McCain in 2008 with the cozier embrace he has received from 2012 presumptive nominee Mitt Romney.

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  • Mark P. Jones, chairman of the political science department at Rice University, said Mr. Obama likely believes his time is better spent in battleground states and areas with strong concentrations of black voters instead of taking time to travel to red-state Texas to speak to a group that even some blacks have trouble embracing.

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  • "The NAACP has some problems being relevant even among African-American voters," Mr. Jones said. "There's a substantial proportion that aren't entirely satisfied with the NAACP and don't view it as relevant as it was in the past. It's not an omnipotent organization. The president has far more support on his own than the NAACP. ... Even though he would like their support, he doesn't need it."

    Obama avoids conflicts by dispatching stand-ins →

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