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  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Miller right on target

    Emily Miller has done it again, this time with her fascinating four-part series concerning Army 1st Sgt. Matthew Corrigan ("Breaking doors and the Constitution," Commentary, Wednesday). Bravo. This is the type of thorough investigative journalism America should expect from all media.

  • D. C. Gun Grabbing

    MILLER: D.C. cover-up after abusing veteran

    Army 1st Sgt. Matthew Corrigan learned the hard way that the District of Columbia doesn't believe it has to abide by the Constitution like the 50 states do. For nearly 40 years, the nation's capital completely ignored the Second Amendment.

  • Army 1st Sgt. Matthew Corrigan

    MILLER: 'Lost' in the D.C. jail

    The D.C. government's refusal to recognize the full meaning of the Second Amendment has serious consequences for those who put their lives on the line to uphold the Constitution. First Sgt. Matthew Corrigan fought insurgents in Iraq with weapons provided by the U.S. Army, but the nation's capital threw him in jail for two weeks because he had failed to register three personal guns and some ammunition.

  • D.C. Gun Grabbing

    MILLER: Breaking doors and the Constitution

    While Army 1st Sgt. Matthew Corrigan slept inside his Northwest Washington home, Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) response teams were gathering outside.

  • The District's Gun Grabbing

    MILLER: Veterans in the District's cross hairs

    Washington's Metropolitan Police Department is using the city's pointless firearm registration mandate to harass, arrest and jail servicemen.

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  • Whether the split on social issues forces the GOP to change its platform or risk alienating younger voters probably won't be answered until after the 2016 presidential election, said Matthew Corrigan, a University of North Florida political science professor.

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  • "It's unsettled," Corrigan said. "If the nominee of the Republican Party signals less of an emphasis on social issues than in years past, that leaves an opening for these young Republicans who may have more libertarian leanings, but there's a lot of seniors within the party that I don't think are ready to give up on those positions."

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