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  • **FILE** Palestinian mourners carry the body of Akram Badr, 46, during his funeral July 31, 2012, in the village of Beitillu near in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Badr was killed the previous day at a checkpoint by the Israeli security forces near Jerusalem. (Associated Press)

    Palestinians brace for repercussions over U.N. bid

    The Palestinians are bracing for possible punitive reactions by the U.S. and Israel if they go ahead with plans to seek U.N. General Assembly recognition of "Palestine" as a non-member observer state, according to an internal document obtained Thursday.

  • Illustration: Israel by John Camejo for The Washington Times

    WALSH: Myth of a two-state solution

    It has been 64 years since the United Nations General Assembly approved the Partition Plan for Palestine and the struggle to implement a "two-state solution" began. Today, we are no closer to that end. That reminds me of the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • ** FILE ** Israeli police officers are deployed at the Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv on Sunday, April 15, 2012, to detain activists flying in to protest the country's occupation of Palestinian areas. (AP Photo/Dan Balilty)

    Israeli police arrest fly-in activists

    Israel deployed hundreds of police Sunday at its main airport to detain activists flying in to protest the country's occupation of Palestinian areas in defiance of vigorous Israeli government efforts to block their arrival.

  • Illustration by John Camejo for The Washington Times

    PIPES: Peculiar proliferation of Palestine refugees

    Of all the issues that drive the Arab-Israeli conflict, none is more central, malign, primal, enduring, emotional and complex than the status of those people known as Palestine refugees. The origins of this unique case, notes Nitza Nachmias of Tel Aviv University, goes back to Count Folke Bernadotte, the United Nations Security Council's mediator.

  • Iran's leaders urge Hamas to not let up resisting Israel

    Iran's leaders urged the Hamas prime minister of Gaza to continue the Islamic militant group's resistance against Israel and promised support, state TV reported Sunday.

  • Palestinians demonstrate for statehood in Manger Square outside the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank city of Bethlehem in May. Now at Christmastime, Palestinians in Jesus' traditional birthplace of Bethlehem are aiming to re-energize their bid for recognition. (Associated Press)

    Palestinians' yule statehood gambit

    At Christmastime, the world looks to Jesus' traditional birthplace of Bethlehem, and this year the Palestinians hope to use some of that attention to boost their quest for independence.

  • Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Maliki (left) and Elias Sanbar, ambassador for Palestine at UNESCO, attend a session of UNESCO's 36th General Conference in Paris on Monday, Oct. 31, 2011. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

    Palestine becomes member of UNESCO

    Palestine became a full member of UNESCO on Monday in a highly divisive breakthrough that will cost the agency a fifth of its budget and that the U.S. and other opponents say could harm renewed Mideast peace efforts.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Palestine should not join UNESCO

    There is not, and never was, a country called Palestine. The late terrorist and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, supported by the Russians, invented a people that never existed.

  • **FILE** Palestinians yell at a U.S. diplomatic vehicle on Oct. 4, 2011, during a protest against the United States in the West Bank city of Ramallah. (Associated Press)

    Palestinian anger at U.S. rising over U.N. veto threat

    Palestinians have long been skeptical of America's ability to help them win independence. But low expectations have turned into frustration and in some cases outright anger after the U.S. threatened to derail a bid for U.N. recognition of an independent state and Congress put a hold on $200 million in badly needed aid.

  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (left) addresses the 66th session of the United Nations General Assembly at United Nations headquarters on Sept. 23, 2011. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the assembly shortly after Abbas. (Associated Press)

    Palestinians submit U.N. statehood bid

    The Palestinian leader took his people's quest for independence to the heart of world diplomacy Friday, seeking U.N. recognition of Palestine and sidestepping negotiations that have foundered for nearly two decades under the weight of inflexibility, violence and failure of will.

  • Illustration: Hamas by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    LUXENBERG: New nation won't bring peace as long as Hamas is involved

    Some 150 countries appear ready to vote in the United Nations General Assembly to recognize Palestine as an "observer state" and would be ready to recognize it as a "member state" if the United States did not plan to veto such a proposition in the U.N. Security Council.

  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (right) is greeted by legislator and activist Hanan Ashrawi (left) as he arrives at his hotel in New York on Sept. 19, 2011, to attend the 66th General Assembly session of United Nations, which begins Sept. 20. (Associated Press)

    Palestinian leader Abbas says nothing can stop U.N. bid

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday he'll not be deterred from seeking U.N. recognition of a state of Palestine, despite what he said was "tremendous pressure" to drop the request and instead seek to resume peace talks with Israel.

  • Illustration: United Nations

    GAFFNEY: 'Diplomacy of September'

    In her Pulitzer Prize-winning book, "The Guns of August," Barbara Tuchman chronicles how a cascading series of seemingly minor developments led inexorably to World War I and the worst carnage known to man up to that time. In the future, historians may point to the present "Diplomacy of September" as the catalyst for the next horrific conflict now in the offing in the Middle East, and potentially beyond.

  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gestures and the end of his speech in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Friday, Sept. 16, 2011. Abbas said Friday he would ask the Security Council next week to accept the Palestinians as full members at the United Nations. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed)

    For Obama at U.N., another troubled Mideast moment

    Dreaming big, President Obama once envisioned this would be the moment when world leaders would gather to herald a new state of Palestine. What waits for him instead at the United Nations this coming week is closer to a diplomatic nightmare that may isolate the United States, anger Congress, deepen the Mideast divide and cloud the rest of his agenda.

  • Illustration: U.N. and Palestine by John Camejo for The Washington Times

    DE BORCHGRAVE: Palestinian mirage

    It was another critical moment in the life of the 64-year-old Jewish state. Egyptian mobs had breached the protective barrier around the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, shredded the national Star of David flag before stomping on it - and the Israeli ambassador to Egypt and his staff fled town a few steps ahead of the mob.

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